Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Shopping gone Mad!

Hello Hunnies,

This weekend i went shopping crazy... Like the kind of crazy you sooo lie to your parents/other half about! They just don't understand the need, but I know you all do so I thought I'd share my purchases safely with you. :)

(I apologise in advance for this post being sooooo long.. Like I said... Shopping CRAZY)

Shall we do the Primark Haul first?

Okay, well as you may know I'm off on holiday in just under 5 weeks so obviously I needed (more/new) summer stuff!

My new outfit
* Brown Lace cardi - £8
* White Cami - £1.50
*Elephant Necklace - £4
*Brown rope necklace - £3.50

Necklaces up close 
I absolutely adore this elephant necklace and its possibly my favourite purchase. The tusk is plain but the head has lots of brown crystals. It's a little bit blingy so I wouldn't wear anything else that sparkly whilst wearing it and I think I'll try and keep my other accessories to a minimum. I like the rope necklace as I think it compliments the outfit perfectly and keeps it laid back and casual. Perfect for hanging out in the park with the girls or a day trip on hols. :)

Necessary Accessories
* Bag - £10
*Bracelet stack - Sorry no price on it and I'm not a receipt kinda girl
*Sunglasses - £1.50

The bag was a little expensive considering its a primarni but I needed a white and brown bag so now I have one in both. Its really large, so perfect when I'm carrying Towels, Sun cream, and the world to the beach.

*Black stud bikini - £7
* Floral ruffle bikini - £7

Just because... A girl can never have enough bikinis!

Cheeky Jumpsuit
*Jumpsuit - £5

There was a lot more! I bought some snoopy vest top & short PJ's (that I'm currently wearing), Underwear, Gift bags, Plain Black sandals, wrapping paper etc.. I thought I'd save you from all the boring stuff.

Next: I then went on H&M online...BIG mistake... I ended up spending another fortune...
They haven't come yet so the pics are from H&M.


               £19.99                                      £7.99                                        


          £7.99                                                                                  £14.99

Lastly I bagged a serious bargain on QVC.. An Elemis 5 piece body summer set for £35. This should be arriving in the next few days so the minute I get it I'm going to tell you all about it in a seperate account! :D

Anyway, I think I've spent enough this month so I will be laying off my account ha ha!

Anyone else have an urge this month? Also has anyone used Elemis? If so what you think?


Monday, 30 May 2011

H&M discount code

Hello Girlies,

Another really quick post!

I've just discovered 2 voucher codes for H&M that you can use together and get 15pound off!

All you have to do is sign up (if you havent) then pick goods that total 21pound. At the checkout page enter discount codes 1304 then 9217 and TADA.. 15 pound off. All you have to pay is the 6 minimum and 3.90 delivery!!

I've just bought 2 dresses, eyelash curlers, blusher brush and some summer PJs. all for 10pound!!


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Kardashians OPI nail polish

Hello Lovlies,

Just A quick post!

I've just seen the Kardashians are creating a range of nail polishes for Opi. Eeeekkk.. The excitement. I'I love the Kardashians and personally cannot wait to see the collection.

On Twitter Kim has said "For the nail polish colors...just think glitz and glam," and that I do!

There are no further details at the moment but the minute I know I will do another post. I have seen that it will be in Walmart stores soon which is US only so I really hope us in the UK can pick up a bottle!

Time will tell.....


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Superdrug's own brand hair dye

Hey Ladies,

On Saturday I popped to Superdrug to claim my 'Beautycard' and stock up on some essentails. As you know a few weeks ago I decided to colour my hair a Blonde/Caramel colour but I quickly grew tired of it haha!

Whilst picking up some bargains I scaled the Hair dye section to bring my hair back to its Brunette goodness. I've never used a Superdrugs own brand hair colourant so was a little apprehensive, but when I saw 2 for £5.99 I couldnt refuse (esp as it came with Bonus points) I normally use L'oreal but I am sooooo pleased I gave Superdrug a go!

I purchased Colour Radiance 10 in Intense medium brown.

My hairs quite long so I always have to buy two bottles which is always over £10 but with Superdrug the bottles are bigger and I found one bottle covered every strand and I only had to wait 15 mintues!

Washing the dye out I noticed my hair felt like straw so was a little worried how i could return it to its good condition (sometime s- even with top brands, the intense conditioner supplied isn't enough) but the balm that came with the dye is AMAZING!! I left it on for 2 minutes and washed it off and it felt like new hair!
When I dyed it light, regardless of what conditioner I had,  it was never be as soft and shiny as it once was so I couldnt believe the shine and softness achieved with this stuff. The best thing is it comes in a tube so is re-usable and I have about another 4 weeks of treatments left.

I am extremely impressed. The colour came out exactly as it was on the box, took only 15 minutes to fully develop and the conditioner transformed my dry, dull hair :D.



Hello Girlie's,
I am BEYOND excited! 

My Boyfriend & I have finally booked our holiday! YAYYYYYY!!! Were going to Tenerife in July for 10 nights and staying in Playa de las Americas. We've booked a lovely hotel only 5 minutes away from the beach and restaurants! :) We still live with our parents so this quality time away is much needed!

Now it's all booked I've turned my attention to things to do... So far I've found a huge Sunday market and Siam Park which is a HUGE water park.. See here if you too are off to Tenerife :)

Being a shopaholic obviously I have already made a few purchases! Please see my pre-holiday bundle below:

I think I've done really well.. See, just a FEW purchases, although, I have got my eye on a few jumpsuits at the moment so watch this space.. Shhhhh... lets not tell the other half. Like most men he has no idea about a woman's need to buy more new, shiny items <3

This speaks for itself me thinks, I don't want leather, wrinkly skin!

I love these hair flowers and think there look really nice and summery lounging around the pool. The passport holder was a birthday present from my hubby :) As you can see below the earrings are to match my new mint green bikini... <3

I hate strap marks so I always seem to go for the strapless bikinis and I HAD to have these to add to my collection. I've ordered another one but it hasn't come yet :( These are from H&M (There bikini selection is pretty good atm but I must say the fit on the bust is extremely small. I'm a size 10 but had to get a 14! Talk about feel like a Heffer!) <3

Out of all of it I was sooo surprised to find 400ml bottles of Malibu sun cream for £2.49 at Netto!! Superdrug sell 200ml for £4.59.. So guys... if you need sun cream, head to Netto! They also had Hawaiian Tropic for £5!

Has anyone been to Tenerife before? If so any good bars/restaurants or days out?


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Proto-Col range

Hey Girlies,
I was sent some samples from Purple secret to try out there Proto-col skincare range. I was quite excited, as this range has collagen technology and we all know collagen is the stuff that stops our skin going wrinkly. I have to say before I give my opinion that the samples were extremely small.. 2ml to be precise, so for two of the products I can’t really give an in depth and maybe accurate review as I only got one use out of them and I think to notice a difference (like most products) you need to sample it for a bit longer.

Anyway here is what I was sent:
From left to right
1. Microdermabrasion with Diamonds and Pearls
2. Moisturising face gel
3. Collagen face mask

I first used the Microdermabrasion sachet so we'll start with that. The sachet says "This delicate Souffle will polish, renew and reveal an immediate improvement to the skin, leaving it silky smooth and supple"

The first thing I noticed was the texture. Its quite runny and the unlike a lot of brands the granules are so small it reminded me of salt/sugar. I must say it spreads very well and you don't need a lot (I still have a bit left)

The next thing was the smell, It doesn't smell very nice. It smells exactly of Aqueous cream (I even smelt the stuff to be sure ha-ha) The product has a pearlescent sheen to it so at least it looks pretty. Honestly though, once washed off I had a feel of my face and it was really smooth, soft and even so I wouldn't mind using this again. I agree with the polish statement as it did polish the skin and I did notice an immediate difference to the feel of my skin after.

Next in line was the Collegan facemask. They say "A potent anti-ageing formulation which smooths, nourishes and refines skin. This skin boosting formula helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles while restoring the skin’s natural moisture levels"

 This I was a bit surprised by as the texture is like a really thick night cream. It spreads really well and goes see through but due to the small amount I didn't have enough for a picture. Sorry guys. After a few minutes I noticed it hadn't gone hard or tight and was still cream like. I've never used a facemask like this before but I actually quite liked it. I left it on for 15 minutes which was advised on the sachet and then washed it off with Tepid water. After another inspection of my face it was really soft, although I'm not sure if this was because of this facemask or the exfoliator. Again, this product didn't smell very nice, still Aqueous creamy with a hint of wine? ha ha!

Lastly I used the Moisturising facial gel. They say "a revolution in moisturising to protect, nourish and firm whilst combining forces to combat dryness, plump the appearance of fine lines and smooth skin to promote a youthful appearance"
This list of ingredients is even more impressive. It contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E, over 20 amino acids, Seaweed and Hydrolysed silk. The smell reminded me of a Rose wine! *maybe I drink too much ha ha!*

The minute I put this on my face it reminded me of a Primer. Turns clear, thick consistency but dries incredibly quickly. It does leave the skin soft but in waking up this morning my skin feels dry. I don't think I'd use this again to be honest.

Apart from that I really liked the microdermabrasion scrub and the facemask was nice as it didn't go all hard and was easy to wash off. :)

So there you have it, the Proto-col range :) There are some disadvantages though:

1. The Smell, I love a product that works but smells good too. That may be my personal preference though.
2. The price. The scrub costs £10.95 for 20ml and £29.95 fro 60ml, The facemask costs £8.95 for 20ml and £39.95 for 50ml, and the facial gel is £8.95 for 20ml and £19.95 for 50ml.
I'm not sure I would be comfortable paying these prices for a brand I'm not very familiar with.
3. A new page opens for EVERTHING... On the homepage you click on the range and a new window opens, then a new window opens when you click on a product, then another window opens to buy it. Its a lot of hassle just to buy one thing and It would be much better if like most online shops it stays on the same page.

If you'd like to check this range out please visit the website Here or go to http://www.purplesecret.co.uk/

Has anyone tried this range before? What did you think of it?


Friday, 13 May 2011

Superdrug Beautycard

Hello Hunnies,

How excited was I to get an email from Superdrug announcing that they have FINALLY decided to launch a reward card that allows us to earn points when we shop!! I am always in Superdrug so this is going to be life changing for me. okay, life changing maybe a bit enthusiastic but trust me. I spend an absolute fortune in Superdrug so this card has excited me to the max. I am a bit disappointed it has taken them so long to do it though.

I must admit I love my boots advantage card but I do shop in Superdrug more. I love the experience of Superdrug. They have more ranges, more affordable prices and more stuff! I also prefer the way Superdrug stores look, I guess more girlie is the way I would describe it.

(Pic taken from the Superdrug website.. well until I get my own one tomorrow)

Anyway, So here's how the Beautycard works:

You pick in up in store then register it online.. Then shop until your hearts content... Simples....


Like the Boots advantage card you present it at the till and they add the points on. :) You get 1 point for every £1 you spend and 100 points = £1 in store.

Unlike boots, you don't need to have the full amount of points to pay for a product. If you had say 300 points (£3) on your card and spent £5 on products you can use your Beautycard to pay the £3 and then make up the £2 difference. I much prefer this as there's no restrictions!

Currently there offering 10 points per £1 when you shop online and on top of just earning points the card allows you special offers and discounts! Yay! Don't we all love a good discount? I've heard through the grapevine there will be a Rimmel offer only for card holders and its rather tasty!

It looks better than other leading reward cards! Girlie and Pink and It even has a mirror on the back of the card. Handy for quick touch ups! So even if you may not use it often you still get a free mirror ;)


Its not as competitive as the boots 4 points per pound, so if you shop in Boots more often then you may not get much out of this card.

So yes, that's my thoughts on this beauty and I will be skipping all the way to my local Superdrug tomorrow morning!!

If you would like full details see the Superdrug site here.

What do you all prefer? Good old Boots advantage card or this idea?


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Do blondes have more fun?


Well just before my birthday I decided I wanted lighter hair so dyed it a really light brown with l'oreal lasting creme gloss. The only problem was it turned my hair Black! Random I know. I naturally have dark hair as you can see so I was a little disappointed. I complained to L'oreal who were brilliant and told me they would pay up to 80 pound to get it the way I wanted. Woooohhhoooo!!

I've always considered going Caramel but I knew it would A: Cost a lot and B: Really damage my hair stripping it, so when L'oreal said that I thought, just do it!!

So I did! And below is the results:


At first I loved it, but 4 weeks on? It just not the same as being a brunette. It's dry, makes me look a little washed out and I think Brunette suited me more! I think dark hair is sexier too!
My boyfriend is heart broken about this as he absolutely loves it, but I've never been a girl to do something for her boyfriend and it's me that has to walk around not feeling as confident. Luckily Superdrug has brilliant deals on hair dye and I'm going to have fun picking my next chocolate brown! :)

Anyway, my conclusion is.... Blonde's do NOT have more fun! I actually think us Brunettes do!


My nail crush & photos

Hello Me Dears,

I just wanted to share my current nail crush!

No7 Lasting fix nail polish in Fairy Cake..

They say: Up to 5 days of lasting colour. Chip resistant.

Well I'm not sure about the chip resistant as after one day it's chipped (and that's using a top coat). I must also say it takes ages to dry, but the brush covers the nail perfectly and distributes the right amount of product. I will advise using 2 coats minimum to get an even finish but for £2.99 you can't moan to much can you?

It's taken me weeks to find the perfect pink and I've found it!! I have A LOT of nail polishes, esp in Pink but I keep reaching for this one. It's a really pale pink yet it doesn't look washed out and it looks lovely with anything.

All in all I would recommend this! <3

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