Sunday, 25 September 2011

Charles Worthington Straightning treatment: One week on

Hey Ladies,

As promised I will be updating you weekly to let you know the the straightening treatment lasted. Sooo, Here's my week one update.

Number of times washed: 2
Number of times rained on: 1
Number of times I wore it up: 2
Number of times Straightened: 0

Please see before and after:

Just Done

One Week Later

Well, as you can see the perfect straightness didn't last very long. It lasted 2 days until I washed it again. Saying that, no its not perfectly straight but the kinks I normally get aren't there and it is a lot straighter than normal. Its just the front parts that have started to misbehave. The back is still kink free and straight :) After washing I did briefly blow dry it to try and keep it straighter for longer.

I will need to straighten my hair again by next week I think, especially the front bits so I'm not too impressed its only lasted a week on certain sections of hair. I do need to take into consideration I have worn it up twice all day so that wouldn't help prolonging the straight look.

My Belief is waning at the moment so we will just have to wait until next week.

If you would like to read the original post about this product see Here


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Boudoir Prive Box - September 2011 - better than Glossybox? ♥

Hey Dolls,

I am an Avid Glossybox fan & subscriber but when I heard about a new box called Boudoir Prive Box I knew I had to get involved. After two months on the waiting list I finally received an email letting me subscribe and get Septembers box. Woohoo!

After seeing pictures of what the past boxes contained I must admit, I wasn't sure if I would keep on this subscription. Past products have included Bloom tea, Babor, Sachajuan, Macadamia  and other brands I have never heard off and although the point of the boxes are to try new & up and coming brands, Nothing in the past boxes excited me. Still, as A blogger it is my duty to try out new products and jump on the bandwagon & report my findings. Any excuse right? ha ha. Plus, I love presents and I love Glossybox so why not?

The Boudoir Prive Box
From Left to Right
♥ Cargo Boogie Nights Eye pencil - Full size
♥ Agent Provocateur L'Agent Perfume - small sample
♥ Tropic Body Smooth - Tiny Tester pot
♥ Colbert MD Eye Cream - Tiny Tester pot
♥ Macadamia Hair Repair oil - Tiny Tester pot
♥ Zoya Nail Polish - Full size
And something not in the pic is 2 sheets of blotting paper with shimmer on it.

My first thought was that it looks similar to the Glossybox. Same Pink box (well the lid flips up rather than comes off), Logo in the middle of the lid and even when opening they use the same black stringy stuff to protect the goodies and add a bit of decoration. This I think is a bit unoriginal as it is a completely different brand that may have the same concept as the Glossybox, but have completely different products in completely different price brackets. It would have been good if the Boudoir Prive box was Gold (not real gold of course but the colour of Gold) as they keep mentioning how 'Luxurious' this box is so hey, why not make the packaging a little more 'Luxurious.'

On to the Products: The reason I've put tiny tester pot instead of tester is because that's exactly what it is. I have never seen pots so small for samples. For example, the body polish pot is so small the only place I could use this would be on my hands. Once. The Eye Cream would prob last a week if used sparingly, but I think the size as tiny as it is, is understandable as a 15ml pot is £90! The two full size products are okay though. The Cargo Eye pencil is okay but I don't really use blue eye pencils so I will just sell this at a boot sale. It is a nice pencil though, It has loads of bits of glitter in it and would probably look really nice on someone with Blue eyes. The nail polish? Meh... I think the reason I'm not too fussed about this is because of the colour I was sent. Its a horrible metal colour. Actually, it looks like the same colour as Steel and After putting it on one nail I thought it looked cheap and tacky.The only good thing about this polish is it's very pigmented and shimmery which I love. They put a colour chart in the box and I think if I was given a different colour from the A/W collection I'd feel differently about it.

I can't hide the fact I'm really disappointed with this box. Well very disappointed with this box. Like the Glossybox they put in a card with info on the products. The only difference is Boudoir Prive display full size products on the card so I got really excited thinking I might have some full size products of the Body Polish or Macadamia Oil. When I opened this it was a stab to the heart. I like the fact they have pictures of the products but I think they need to show the actual sizes they put in instead of shop sizes.

I can definitely report this box is more, how shall we say this.. posh  luxurious. You can tell the products come from higher end stores and cost a fortune. This is why I think the samples are so small and to be honest? I'm not really prepared to pay £10 a month to receive pots this small. The point of these boxes is to allow people to try them out at a more affordable price and then repurchase them, but with samples this small you could only use them once or twice max and how would you know if its any good?

Put it this way.. Boudoir Prive is more "Made in Chelsea" and the Glossybox is "The Only Way Is Essex"

Me personally? I prefer "The Only Way Is Essex" because at least if I love a product, I can actually afford to repurchase it and Glossybox offer better size products that are more suited to me.

I can also report as of 11:00am this morning I cancelled my subscription to Boudoir prive.

What do you guys think of it?


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cecelia Ahearn Glamour Event

Hello Dolls,

A few weeks ago I entered a competition in Glamour to win tickets to an Event Glamour where holding with the Author Cecelia Ahern. She's mine & my friends favourite author so I knew I had to enter!

I was on route to meet a friend for lunch in Covent Garden yesterday when A very exciting email entered my inbox.


I cannot believe it. I'm the kind of girl who never wins anything.. I mean not even £1 on a scratchcard! But in 2 weeks I've won the Charles Worthington Hair Treatment Kit & now this. I believe all good things come in 3's so I hope something else is set to be mine :)

Anyway, There are a few reasons I'm really excited about this event. It is being held in a VIP area in Selfridges, so I figure I have time to have a nose round before the event starts :D Also, not only do you get Cecelias new book, she is having a Q&A session and signing copies. If that's not enough there will be Pampering courtesy of Nars & Blink Brow Bar. eeeekkk... AND we will also get 'glamourous' cocktails and Nibbles and the chance to win Selfridges vouchers!

I am soooo excited. I can't wait to read Cecelias new book The time of my life.

I will be letting you know ALL about the event after ;)

The Event isn't until Thursday, 20th October 2011 so I have a while to to wait but I don't mind. I gives me more time to work out what to wear and save up for A Selfridges splurge!


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Charles Worthington Straightening treatment review

Hey Dolls, 

As you may have read, I was lucky enough to win the new Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening treatment (here)

This is what they say:
"Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight & Smooth is a breakthrough straightening treatment. It works by re-programming your hair’s memory so it stays straighter, smoother and more manageable. The results, depending on your hair’s natural curl and memory, can last up to 40 days. Straight & Smooth is a safe and easy treatment that transforms hair in just 25 minutes"

If this works, my god it will be a miracle. Who doesn't want to spend more time in bed then with their straighters?

This treatment is available from Boots from the 26th September 2011 and costs £19.99. There are two options for this treatment. 1 for Coloured hair and 1 for Non Coloured hair so make sure you choose the right one. 

Shall we get to the pics & review? Okay.. Here goes....

Looks wise I quite like it. It has A pearlescent Pink covering & Silver metallic back (no pics as you couldn't see anything by camera) and has a flip part that shows you whats in the pack and what this product does. So far so good as I'm sold with anything that's pink & shiny ha-ha.

Inside The Kit
 ♥ Instructions
♥ Straightening Treatment - 75ml
♥ Conditioning Neutraliser - 50ml
♥ Aftercare Conditioner - 75ml
♥ Thick Toothed Comb
♥ Plastic Gloves

Again, so far so good. Everything I need is in the pack and I really like the fact they give you a comb. I personally don't use combs and the only one I own is a very fine toothed comb where the teeth are very close together. This kind of comb wouldn't work with a product like this and would probably do more damage than good.
The instructions are really simple and I can't see anyway anyone would get this wrong.

What you need to know before you use:
♥ This product cannot be used if you've had a Perm or another chemical treatment in 12 weeks.
♥ It is not recommended if you have coloured your hair in under 2 weeks, so wait until after the 2 week period.
♥ You need to wait 2 weeks after this treatment before you can dye or perm your hair.
♥ Do not use this treatment more than once every 12 weeks.
♥ This treatment gives off a distinctive smell and can last up to 2 washes.
♥ Do not use if you have severely damaged hair and is breaking or splitting.
♥ This product cannot be used on hair that has been bleached to a very light Ash, Platinum or White Blonde. This also applys to highlights in these colours and if you have bleached your hair in preparation for lighter colour.

My Walk Through
In the instructions it tells you that you need to wash your hair with shampoo but do NOT use conditioner so that is what I've done. I've now got my old crappy towel draped over my shoulders, I've combed my hair and I've parted it into sections and put my gloves on. Here goes...eeek
The first thing that hits me is the smell of the Straightening Treatment. It is so bad there is no way I could explain how terrible it is. Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts and Mould come to mind but that's pleasant compared to this. Vom... Moving on, The Straightening Treatment is a cream and has a consistency of an at home hair dye. It's not too runny so is a doddle to apply without mess but spreads through the hair with ease. Woohoo! I can be a little clumsy but I found this easy and the comb made sure all strands were covered. The tube of this looks quite small and I got a little worried that it would run out as I have really long hair, but once I'd finished I had loads left over so I smoothed the rest all over and combed it all through. It says in the instructions that you need to keep your hair as straight as possible while its working so cup of Tea & Blogging it is :D
Right, 20 mins later and I've washed it off, now for the Conditioning Neutraliser. You apply this like a normal conditioner and again, comb it through. This only took 5 minutes and once off I felt relieved my hair felt soft and normal. I had a preconception that it would be really dry and damaged but this isn't the case. YAY!
Next was the finishing touches section which requires a blow dry and then straightening. This isn't a requirement, it's just a suggestion to get the best effect to seal the treatment but why not? I've just spent about 40 minutes trying to get the effect they promise so another 20 mins wont hurt.
Right, Blow dried and straightened and my hair is exceptionally straight. At this current time I can't tell you if it looks like this because the treatment worked, or because of the blow dry & Straighteners. That is what I will find out in the next 40 days.

Overall, I found this a doddle and would have no problems doing this at home without help. My hair condition seems fine and my hair is still shiny which is a plus. Yipeeeeee!

♥ The sizes of the products are a good size and even though I have really long hair (just past my chest) there was more than enough product to cover every strand.
♥ Extremely Simple Instructions
♥ Good Comb is included in the pack
♥ You get a 75ml Aftercare Conditioner which would probably last up to 3washes using generously.

♥ The smell... Vom
♥ It does not take 25 minutes. More like an hour including washing before the treatment, drying & straightening to seal it in.

I will be updating you guys over the 40 day period to let you know how I get on. I am really keen to see if the straightness lasts 2 weeks with the rain, putting my hair up and the inevitable bed hair. Will I be using my straighteners the same amount as before? That's the question I intend to get an answer too.


Shopping gone Mad - Spending Ban Fail!

Hey Ladies,

Ashamed as I am, I must report I went 11 days without shopping & I have just FAILED..... miserabley. ...*Sigh*
I do feel a slight bit guilty and annoyed with myself but, to be completely honest? My God I am happy! :D

What started out as a simple day trip with the girls to get some Bridesmaid dresses, turned into a full shopping frenzy.You see, my best friend is getting married next year & we have searched high and low for nice but decently priced Bridesmaid dresses. It's been so complicated as she had her heart set on a weird aqua/turqouise colour that at the same time needed to be like a baby blue. Difficult I know as the colour she was lusting for just couldn't A: Be found anywhere we went (and we went a few places) & B: The dresses that was in that colour were either extremely over priced or were disgusting looking. Anyway, her aunt told her about a place called Finsbury Park in North London that had loads of shops in a row selling prom/bridesmaid dresses and from that second our fate was sealed. To North London we go! (We live in South London btw)

Soooo, we get there and yes, there are loads of shops selling perfect Bridesmaids dresses BUT, there was also loads of shops selling normal stuff & the best part? It was soooooooo cheap! .. This is where my dedication to save took a back seat and my 'OMG you must buy this now' part of my brain took over. My reasoning was this: I have never been to North London and am unlikely to come again anytime soon so I might aswell buy this cheap amazing stuff and start my ban next month. I think this is a perfectly good excuse reason. :)

Anyway, enough of the babbling, lets look at what I got?

♥ Oatmeal Slouch Cardigan - £5
♥ Black Wooly Jumper - £6
♥ Denim Skinny Jeans - £5
♥ Nude Side Rouched Dress - £15 (Will be used for work & evenings out so techincally it was a good idea)

♥ Pauls Boutique handbag - £25

I doubt this is a real version but I actually had my Legitamate one on me and the differences are... There are none. The Brass Logo to the inside pattern & fabric are identical. I personally do prefer real goods and I love my real Pauls Boutique bag, but I wasn't about to walk away from this one. It's Love and I cannot wait to parade it round tomorrow! Woohoo!

So yes I failed miserably, but it made me happy and guess what?

Me far right ;)

We found the bridesmaid dresses :D... A different colour to what she wanted but once we all tried them on in the shop the Bride to be loved them and so did we :)


Disclaimer: In no way do I want to send out a message Shopaholicism is a good thing. I firmly believe in saving money & investing in your future.
Disclaimer 2: I also believe buying fake goods should be avoided at all most costs as it's unethical. But hey, when the things you love are ridiculously over priced what is a girl going to do?

Saturday, 17 September 2011

GlossyBox - September 2011 ♥

Hey Dolls,

Another Month, another Glossybox and this one was a cracker. The theme this month was 5 Future Classics.

This is what I got in Septembers box....

From left to right
♥  L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil - Full size
♥ StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate - 7ml (2 week trail size)
♥ HD Brows Eye & Eyebrow Palette - Full size
♥ Plum by Mary Greenwell perfume - Sample bottle
♥ Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil - 10ml sample bottle

This is by far the best box I've received and I adore all of the products. Unfortunately I won't be using the StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate as it's a little too mature for my skin but my mum happily accepted this. Matter of fact she snatched it out my hand quicker than I could blink. My favourite product has to be the Eye & Eyebrow palette from HD Brows.

I love a good eyebrow kit so will be testing this out thoroughly. I also love it as it has the thin slanted brush included and this type of brush is perfect for getting a good neat eyebrow shape. I've sort of lost my Benefit Eye kit (here) so this came at a brilliant time!

I love my Glossybox this month and am already looking forward to my next one! :D

What did you guys get in yours? What are you thoughts on it?


Friday, 16 September 2011

Week In Pictures ♥

Hey Dolls,

Another week, and I learned to bake! Woohooo! Here's what happened this week.

1♥ The beautiful flowers my boyfriend bought me for no reason.. He is soooo amazing sometimes
2♥ My first ever Chocolate mud cake.. It was soooo good even my nan (queen of cakes) wanted the recipe!
3♥ Nothing beats a lovely roast dinner.. Thanks Nan!
4♥ My Dog is a retard but I love her... This is how she sleeps when shes not stuck to my face
5♥ Another day in the office ha-ha! These guys came in to promote Star Wars going on DVD.. Made the day a little brighter.
6♥ My new Desktop Picture - I ♥ Giraffes

How was your week?


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tenerife 2011 ♥

Hey Ladies,

Okay this post is just really really late as I went on holiday in July BUT, I've just ordered all the photos and been reminded of some fun times so wanted to share it with you!

Me & My Hubs went to Playa Des Las Americas in Tenerife and we really loved it. We had heard it was rowdy and full of drunk teens but we didn't have any of that! It was beautiful, Hot, Relaxed and had some serious shops!


1♥ Lounging around by the pool
2♥ Discovering the area & finding the beach
3♥ Fish Pedicure
4♥ Our day at Siam Park (Huge Water Park)
5&6♥ The Dolphin Boat Trip, we saw REAL Dolphins!
7, 8 &9♥ Our Day at Loro Park. it was a Zoo kinda place but it was amazing. I'm the biggest animal lover (stepping on a snail can  reduce me to tears) so I was a little apprehensive about what the conditions would be like but OMG! This place put every zoo I've been to too shame. The enclosures are absolutely huge and done up so good you'd believe you are in the wild.
10♥ The Holy Grail of Tenerife - MANGO OUTLET.4 Euro for Jeans? Yesss pleaseee. I only spent 50 Euros and came out with 2 sack fulls wooohooo!
11♥ The Happy couple

Anyway, I had a lovely time in Tenerife with the other half and I would recommend it to anyone. :)


My August Loves ♥

Hey Dolls,

Another month and another list of My months Loves.

Here's what I've been reaching for and using the most in August...

left to Right

Soap & Glory Clean Girls - I love this Shower Gel! It lasts forever, smells lovely and leaves me soft. Plus I love the pump.

L'oreal Nutri Sun - With August being a bit rubbish weather wise and my real tan fading I used this a few times in August. I have tried Johnsons & Doves version of this but they do nothing for me. This gives me the perfect colour from the first application and I find it fades rather than comes off.

Maybelline Mineral Liquid Foundation - I used this foundation all throughout July & August and really like it. It doesn't have the best coverage but it's really light which is perfect for hot days (not that we will have many more of those) and it makes my skin look healthy which can only be a good thing.
Benefit Lipgloss in 'Didnt hear it from me' - It's a lovely light pink colour that works really well with my new Nude Lippie. Not too sticky & smells delish.

MUA Pressed Powder - As I was on a spending ban and my other face powder had completely run out, It was in desperation I purchased this. BUT, It's actually really good! Okay, it's no match for Macs Mineralise Powder BUT for £1 you cant complain and it does the job :) I will buying some more bits from this range in my quest to save money and will do a full review then.


Friday, 9 September 2011

Week in Pictures

Hey Dolls,

It's been another good week (apart from the weather) and thought I would share it with you!

1♥ The perfect hangover food. I went out Friday night and didn't get home until 5.30am! I know, what a dirty top out! So, once I was alive and kicking I craved Macdonalds. Medium Big Mac Meal with Mozzarella Dippers and a Still Fanta! Yuuumm!
2♥ This months Glamour magazine arrived and I was soooo excited to see they are holding an event with author Celia Ahearn in Selfridges. I applied for tickets sharpish. I absolutely love her books and they are doing Free pampering too :D Fingers crossed.
3, 4 & 5♥ I went to M&M World (the flagship store in Leicester Sq) and I have to say it was pretty amazing. Everything you could ever think of buying was in there M&M style. Pjs, Forks, Cups, Sweets, Pens, statues and so on. The place is huge.
6♥ My friend & I went to see Ghost and it was absolutely the best theatre production I've seen. This is our cheeky cocktail before the show.
7♥ It's about to start. eekk.. Luckily I didn't get caught taking this *phew*

Hope you all had a good week :)


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I won! Charles Worthington Straight & Smooth treatment

Hey Gorgeous Girls,

Last week I entered a Charles Worthington competition to Win A Salon at Home
Straight & Smooth treatment set (here) Anyway, I got an email last night saying I have won! Woohooo!
I never win anything so this was a suprise I can tell you.

Basically this prize could be miracle treatment all girls need.

"Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight & Smooth is a breakthrough straightening treatment. It works by re-programming your hair’s memory so it stays straighter, smoother and more manageable. The results, depending on your hair’s natural curl and memory, can last up to 40 days. Straight & Smooth is a safe and easy treatment that transforms hair in just 25 minutes"

It may only be a small prize but I am soooo excited to try this out. Who doesn't want to spend more time in bed and less time with the straightners in the morning?

 Its not due out in Boots until 26th September 2011 so I get to give it a good seeing too and review it first.

I cannot wait to tell you all about it!


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mini Superdrug Haul

Hello Ladies,

I had Monday off so decided to go and get my nails sorted out (I tried a DIY re-fil which was an Epic Fail) and then just "happened" to walk into a Superdrug! ha-ha.
I honestly was only going in there to pick my mum up some L'oreal Nutri sun, but then I saw a near 50% off my favourite Vitamin E skincare range and well..Ashamed as I should be, I couldn't help but slip the goodies into the basket. (The basket was habit I promise)

Here's what I bought

From Left to Right

♥Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleaner
♥ Vitamin E Day Cream
♥Vitamin E eyecream
♥ Rimmel Moisture Renew in Nude Delight

I own a Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and an Elemis one so NO I didnt need The Superdrug one but it was £2.99 and came with a muslin cloth! Who could say No? I use the Superdrug Vitamin E Day & Night cream religiously so why not add the same brand cleanser to my skin care regime?  Also a few weeks ago I noticed a few lines around my friends & I eyes (It was really bad light) so I have slowly started to introduce eye cream in to my regime. I'm only 23 but as they say, prevention is better than cure! And for £1.99 I wasn't going to turn this down! I'm currently using a small sanctuary one I got in a gift set for Christmas and its nearly all gone, so I might as well snap this one up at nearly half price right?

The Day Cream was just a stock up as I already have some, but in my defense I am running out and hey for nearly half price might as well buy it now. :)

My 4th Item was A new Lipstick. After seeing pictures of the Beautiful Kim Kardashian rocking a lovely Nude colour a few weeks ago, my search has been on. I finally found the closest match to the colour I was looking for In Rimmel's Moisture Renew in Nude Delight. Yay! What do you think?

Nude Delight on lips.. Please excuse that thing called a spot on my chin!

Anyway, although I was/am on a shopping ban and I am clearly in Denial (ha-ha) I am very happy with my purchases. Plus when you spend £5 on the products you got 50 free bonus points! Woohooo!

I will be using the cleanser for a week or two to give it a good test drive and let you know the Verdict.

If you're not familiar with the Superdrugs Vitamin E range, I did a review on the Day & Night cream, Please see here.


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Models Own

Ola Ladies,

As I'm sure all of you know, Models Own hit the 50,000 likes and did the 50% off offer in which I happily purchased a few cheeky bits.

I have never used a Models Own product before, so thought the sale was the perfect opportunity to try it out for a very reasonable price and give a fresh, non-biased review.

Here's what I purchased:

Left to right
♥ Nail Art Pen in Black
♥ 5 piece brush set
♥ Nail polish in Juicy Jules

I LOVE my bits and the Nail Varnish has made my day. Its just so sparkly and amazing.

With Flash
Without Flash

 I already had my fave pink polish on and put this over the top. It looked amazing and got asked a few times what polish I was wearing. Its very sparkly and in the light reminds me of diamonds glistening. It has the perfect Constancy and the perfect amount of glitter in the product. One brush stroke was enough to spread a large amount of the glitter evenly, without looking too much.

I will 100% be buying this again and again and again..... It's my current Love ♥

I haven't managed to use them all however, I did use the Eyeshadow blending brush and the Powder Brush and I was really impressed with the quality. I gave them all a very good grope and was happy that none of the strands came out. Yipee. The Powder Brush was good although to be honest the head is too small to be used for face powder so it didn't do any good on that front. I did use it for my highlighter powder instead and the brush distributed it evenly. The Eyeshadow Blending brush was brilliant! Its not too stiff but not to soft so it picks up a perfect amount of eyeshadow and really does blend like a dream. I used it first with a loose pigment shadow and then a solid leaf gold shadow, and I have to say the effect perfect. Nothing is too much trouble for this brush and its replaced all my other eyeshadow brushes. Plus for £10 for 5 brushes it really is good value for money.

After watching some amazing Youtube Videos on Nail Art I decided to try and be more creative. .When I saw this pen on the website I knew it would be perfect for me. I have used it but my 'designs' were dreadful and I didn't want to embarrass myself! Think I need a bit more practise ha-ha. It has a thin brush and a pen nib so its a 2 in one and I managed to create a butterfly , A large heart, Zig zags and it was really easy.  It is a bit messy but I think with a little practise I'll be on to a good thing. I promise to practise and do A post on some decent results.

Overall, I love my bits from Models Own.

What did you guys get and is there any Models Own stuff you would recommend?

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