Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dear Santa...

Hi Dolls,

Christmas is soon approaching and there is just so much I want. Where shall I start?

1. Opi 'Rainbow Connection' Nail Varnish
This is part of the Muppet's collection and I've wanted it for a while. I wasn't sure at first but after seeing a few swatches from other bloggers I definitely want it now.

I've run out now and this is my ultimate scent. It smells amazing and I'm missing it :(

3. Mac False Lashes
We all love a good false lash and Mac ones are pretty good. My Aunt works for MAC so hopefully I will find these beauty's under my tree. I would love Lash 31, Lash 4 & Lash 21.

I absolutely adore this set, so much so my mum bought it for my cousin and has hidden it *Straight face* I currently have a small obsession with rollers and big hair and think this 6 piece set would be fantastic. (Maybe i should stop watching Desperate Scousewives) The set includes Shampoo 250ml, Conditioner 250ml, Firm Hold hair spray 250ml, Volumising Mousse 200ml, 4 Large Rollers and 4 Medium Rollers. Not bad for £18 (And its included in the 3 for 2 in Boots)

I love a good bath so I would Die for this box. It contains everything a girl could need. Bath Bombs, Massage Bar, Shower Scrub, Lip Balm, Soaps, Shower Gel, Dusting Powder etc. It's pricey at £69.95 but it would defiantly last a year no? If I'm not lucky enough to get this then I would love the Melting Snowman Bath Bomb or the Gingerbread House Bubble Bar. These are more purse friendly from £1.95 each.

6. Superdrug Voucher
I am forever spending money in Superdrug. Like seriously, its become a huge problem for me and my bank account ha-ha. A cheeky voucher would allow me beautiful new products without the guilt ;)

I love Benefit Cosmetics and my Passion for Mascara lead me to this beauty. I haven't dared treat myself too it in the hope someone would like to buy it for me for Christmas.

That's just some of the stuff I want. To be honest, there is so much I'd probably kill Santa off by giving him a heart attack. Ha-ha!

Is there anything you guys are praying for?


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dead Sea Spa Magik Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi My Lovelies,

I was doing a bit of Christmas shopping with the Mother, and as we was in Debenhams we saw a Dead Sea Spa section. When it comes to beauty products she's a lot like me so of course we had look. Pouring over the products I noticed this beauty.

I straighten my hair about three times a week and wear it up a lot for work so it can become quite dry and damaged. I swear by my Pantene Pro V Repair shampoo & conditioner but I always believe my hair needs a change sometime and extra vitamins.

It had a huge sticker on it letting me know it was reduced from £35 to £10.50. BARGAIN! I snapped this up and have never looked back.

In all honesty, I originally bought this product because of the price and I've heard many good things about this brand so thought why not? As I got it home and inspected the goods closer I became even more excited. Lets start with the Mineral Shampoo shall we? Well firstly it includes Certified Organic ingredients. Having a look at the ingredient Jargon it includes Harmonised water, Beeswax, Chamomille, Lemon Balm, Leaf extracts and other essential oils. So far so good. Secondly, It claims No Parabens, a bunch of chemicals that are used as preservatives and make our beauty products last longer. Thirdly the list of benefits is pretty impressive. They claim it: Soothes an irritated scalp, Revitalises damaged hair, Alleviates Dandruff and Normalises oil & Moisture balance. They even have a quote from a user who says "Finally... I have found a miracle solution for my dry, itchy scalp" I am a sucker for good Marketing and PR.

After my inspection it was time for the real test. It's not like a Shampoo I've ever used before. It reminds me more of a runnyish sun cream although it does lather up. If you like Herbal Essences and fruity smells this isn't it. It doesn't smell of anything really but it smells clean.

Next it's the Conditioning Scalp and Body Mud. This too includes organic ingredients and contains no Parabeans. This stuff looks like mud and smells like a mud face mask which isn't exactly pleasant for your hair but hey, as long as it works I'll do anything. The consistency is quite thick but it spreads well and they instruct to to leave it on for 2-3 minutes to let the minerals do there magic.

A few hours later (I normally let my hair dry naturally) I was really impressed with what I saw. My hair was super shiny and soft and felt really hydrated and healthy. It didn't smell of my normal sweet fragrances but the improvement in the condition of my hair is well worth it. I am obsessed with this stuff. So much so, that I've added another pack to my Xmas list and bought 2 for friends.

In this particular pack I also received a Hair Magik Serum which is like a intense conditioner. I haven't used this yet but if its anything like the other two products it's going to be amazing.

You can buy Dead Sea Spa Magik products from Debenham stores, Amazon or selected Holland & Barrett stores. :)

Has anyone else tried this brand? What did you think?


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