Thursday, 3 May 2012

Elemis FreshSkin Range

Hey Dolls,

I may be a bit late with this but had to share!

I was having a 'browse' on the Superdrug online store and I saw an advert for a new 10 piece range of Elemis products they are going to be stocking and got extremely excited!

Elemis has produced a range called FreshSkin for the younger generation and it is available on the highstreet now. Woohoo!

I personally LOVE Elemis products as they exude luxury and are amazing quality however, the normal prices are rather scary so the only time I order is from QVC in a special offer.

The prices for this range are still quite steep I must admit as the prices range from £5.95 for facewipes to £22 for Moisturiser but saying that, I do have my eye on the Fresh Start Discovery Collection for £19.

Although its probably not a range I would be able to afford to always use, I definately can't wait to give it a go (even if it is just once)

Has anyone else tried this range yet?


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