Thursday, 3 May 2012

Elemis FreshSkin Range

Hey Dolls,

I may be a bit late with this but had to share!

I was having a 'browse' on the Superdrug online store and I saw an advert for a new 10 piece range of Elemis products they are going to be stocking and got extremely excited!

Elemis has produced a range called FreshSkin for the younger generation and it is available on the highstreet now. Woohoo!

I personally LOVE Elemis products as they exude luxury and are amazing quality however, the normal prices are rather scary so the only time I order is from QVC in a special offer.

The prices for this range are still quite steep I must admit as the prices range from £5.95 for facewipes to £22 for Moisturiser but saying that, I do have my eye on the Fresh Start Discovery Collection for £19.

Although its probably not a range I would be able to afford to always use, I definately can't wait to give it a go (even if it is just once)

Has anyone else tried this range yet?



  1. this sounds really good xx

  2. Great tips specially to those want a perfect and beautiful inside and outside looks. But one way to maintain healthy skin is to avoid tanning salons. Indoor tanning salons claim that their method of tanning, by artificial sun, is safer than natural tanning because they mainly use UVA rays and limit the exposure with timers.

  3. Hiya, I've tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award x x

  4. Have elemis skin care products to your heart's content with this website.

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  6. I never heard of this product before but once I see it on stores, I will purchase a small bottle perhaps or if there are samples much better. i want to know how it will work on my skin.

  7. A beauty is a woman you notice; a charmer is one who notices you.

  8. Thanks for sharing this. Is it okay to assume it will be a great gift for the wife..?


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