Saturday, 7 January 2012

Garnier Exfo-Brush Wash Review

Hey Dolls,

Religiously I never go to bed with make-up on and to me it's the Cardinal Sin. That's why I always have some sort of facewash available. I've used several in the past few years and always get excited about new ones available.

While in Superdrug a few weeks ago I was scanning the section for my next purchase, when I spotted this newish contraption. The Garnier Exfo-Brusher Wash from the Pure Active range.

As A brand I quite like Garnier products, and as it was half price I thought why not give it a go? Also, reading the back of the bottle I liked the sound of the benefits. Intensive Deep Cleaning, Helps to Fade Marks, Unclogs impurities from pores and apparently dramatically reduces shine by reducing surface sebum levels.

The Exfo-Brusher Wash is designed more for spot prone skin and although I have normal skin, when that Lady's time of the month comes it's a whole different story. Also I'm a firm believer that prevention is better than cure.

At the top of the bottle it has 170 Soft Flexi bristles which is designed to gently remove them horrid dead skin cells and the actual product contains 2% Salicylic Acid which is a natural anti-bacterial ingredient. It also contains something they have labelled HerbaSoothe which they claim is a "Natural active derived from Blueberries, selected for its caring and soothing properties"

The first time use was a bit tricky as I had absolutely no idea how to open it ha ha! What I realised after, is on the back, when you peel back the info it has instructions. Yes, I should have been born blonde. ha-ha. This product is designed to work on wet skin so make sure you splash some water on it first.

To use you need to follow these instructions:
1. To open you must twist the head with the Bristles 180 degrees so its facing away from you.
2. Turn the bottle upside down and squeeze out the desired amount of product.
3. Lift the bottle up and then close the bottle by twisting the head back round.
4. Off you go. I normally massage in circles avoiding the eye area.
5. Once finished clean the bristles under running water.

I found the bristles really soft and although the product spreads quite well It is quite thick so I have found myself needing to squeeze a bit extra out. That might just be me not putting enough on originally though, but I am learning to get the right amount out first time.

The product itself leaves my skin tingly clean in a really good refreshing way. After using the bristles I just rinse it off with water and that's that. I also really like the smell of this product, I can't pin point what it is but it reminds me of the Sea mixed with something Anti-Bacterial. In other words a refreshing Clean smell.

As I have normal skin I HAVE to use moisturiser as it makes my skin quite tight afterwards. This isn't such a big deal to me though as I always use moisturiser anyway.

I can definitely see how this product would work well on an oily or spot prone skin as it really did mop up all my oils. A few months ago a friend of mine who suffers quite badly with acne and oil asked me for a recommendation and I told her to get the L'oreal Perfect Clean in the White bottle. She purchased it and started using it and in a week you could definitely notice the difference. This product has the same sort of ingredients and the same sort of method so I've recommended this for her too now.

Another positive is that even when you've finished with the bottle you can use the bristles with another cleanser or face wash :)

If you would like to buy this product you can get it from any Boots or Superdrug store and the RRP is £7.99.

Has anyone tried this? What did you guys think?



  1. thanks, might buy it!

  2. Bought it, i havent seen much of a difference yet..

  3. I used it today, also bought on sale at superdrug. Very impressedwith it. I've got quite oily skin and after using this product my skin was baby soft and smooth. My face looked clearer pretty much instantly! Very happy with this :D


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