Sunday, 15 January 2012

Feel unique Beauty Box - January

Hey Girlies,

On Friday I received my second Beauty Box from Feel Unique. For those of you that are not familiar with the Feel Unique Beauty Box, it is exactly like a Glossybox (except the packaging) You pay a monthly subscription cost of £9.95 and each month will receive a box filled with 5-6 goodies to try out. You have no idea what products are in the box until you receive it but you can bet your life on Skincare, Hair Care, Nail stuff, Perfume Samples and Makeup. Each month you receive a bunch of different products that are either new or old but need some advertising. It's a great way to test out high end or high st brands without paying the price tag. Most of the products are sample sizes but you do get your full size products too (Glossybox are great for full size and previous boxes have included full size Nars, Illamasqua and L'oreal professional hair stuff) If you would like more information about these boxes or want to sign up please see Glossybox link Here and Feel Unique Beauty Box Here.

The boxes are taking the beauty world by storm and I get so excited each month wondering whats inside so I will show you this months.

From Left to Right
♥ Dead Sea Spa Salt Brushing Sachets x2, 50g each
♥ Caudalie Anti Oxidant Body Lotion for Normal to Dry skin - 30ml
♥ Phyto Express Conditioner - 20ml
♥ Green People Gentle Cleanse - 10 ml
♥ Lierac Comfort Peel - 2ml
♥ Lierac Extreme Age Defence - 15ml

I am really pleased with the Dead Sea Salt sachets as I have a few Dead Sea products and they are really good. I like the Brand as it's nearly 100% all natural and from what I've found the products do exactly what they say they will. According to Dead Sea Spa these are an "exfoliating scrub which is deeply hydrating, aids skin repair and rejuvenates appearance of skin. It also contains coconut oil & Vitamin E to nourish" Sounds good to me. I actually reviewed the Shampoo & Conditioner not long ago so feel free to take a peak Here

Glossybox have actually sent Dead Sea Spa products in past boxes so I was a little disappointed Feel Unique didn't tap in to the competitors and send something different. Never the less, I will enjoy using these.

I was quite happy with the Caudalie Body Lotion as I moisturise daily so get through a lot and I've used Caudalie before. I've used this cream today and I like it. I smells like my nans roses and I personally hate the smell of Rose but this is pleasant. It has a thin texture so spreads well and sinks in quickly and feels quite luxurious.

I'm keen to test out the Phyto Conditioner as last time I used Phyto (many years ago) it was horrible. A Hairdressing friend worked in a salon which only used Phyto and after using it my hair was so dry. I love that it's more natural, and this conditioner in particular is designed for Damaged and Weakened hair so I'm hoping after all these years I may find a jewel from something I hated :)

The Green People Cleanser I'm personally not too fussed about. I'm more of a face wash or Hot cloth cleanser gal and this product requires cotton pads. I like using water on my face as it feels more 'washed' but with this product you just massage it on and wipe of make up with the Cotton pad. I know that sounds a bit negative but It has positives. Its alcohol free and is made with 93.77% of certified Organic Ingredients. I did chuckle at the exactness of that percentage but hey it's impressive. Will I brave the loss of water and give it a go? Probably as it would be rude not too ;)

The Two Lierac products I gave to my mum who kindly hovered at the opening of the box, and pointed out I'm too young to be using Wrinkle cream anyway. We received Extreme  Age-Defence Infra Red Lifting cream which apparently "Re-activates the synthesis of collagen fibres and produces a face resculpting effect" Fancy. I'll let my mum get on with that one. We also received a small Comfort Peel Wrinkle Smoother. It didn't come with any instructions so mum has no idea what to do with it. Oh well she seems happy enough.

I like the Feel Unique box but I did cancel my subscription to it. I'm trying to save and I currently get the Glossybox so can't afford two boxes. Also, Glossybox offers more products I like and at least one full size product. Don't get me wrong either box offers amazing value for money for £9.95 for this box or £12.95 for the Glossybox (they charge packaging) you always get triple your moneys worth in the products. But this is my second box and to be honest it hasn't impressed me the way my Glossybox does. You should have seen last months Glossybox. I haven't really used any of the products in either Full Uniques box but I am always using the Glossybox products.

Did anyone get this box too? If so, what are your thoughts?



  1. I have to say I agree with you, I was a little disappointed being sent things, we had been sent by glossybox. But overall I thought it was quite a good box! x

  2. It is a good box but for some reason it just doesn't excite me the same way the others have. Oh well, I've still got my GLossybox ;) xxxx


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