Monday, 16 January 2012

At Home Facial

Hi Dolls,

It's been a rubbish few weeks and now its starting to show in my skin. Lack of sleep, Too much alcohol and Too much make up to cover my broken heart have resulted in Dry, Dull skin and frankly it's rather pissed with me. I decided I needed a facial to apologise to it but with xmas not long over and an overdraft that also requires some attention I decided a DIY job is my only option (Cheaper and at least I wont have to feel sick every time I think of my bank account ha-ha)

My choice products this week were:

♥ Soap & Glory Clarity Face Soap
♥ Dermalogica Multi Vitamin Thermafoliant
♥ Montagne Jeunnesse Peel Off Face Mask
♥ Nuxe Oil

I got the Clarity Face Soap for Christmas and am really loving it. It's a 3 in 1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial wash with little pink exfoliating beads. In all honesty the beads do absolutely nothing as you cant even feel them but I picked this as the words DETOX seemed perfectly fitting. It contains Superfruit Plum Skin Brightening complex according to them and my dull skin definitely needs some of that. I lathered up a small grape sized blob and thoroughly 'Detoxed' my skin. After that was rinsed off I went to work with the Dermalogica exfoliator. I got this in a previous Glossybox and completely in love with it. A pea sized amount is more than enough and so many little granules are packed in to that amount it never fails to get rid of any dead skin. Think of a really thick body sugar scrub but with the smallest granules ever. I've had it since October I believe and I use it once/twice a week and still have loads left, what's more impressive as it was only a 15ml sample size. Another thing I love is this product heats up once on the skin which I find quite soothing. I will definitely be re-purchasing this.

After detoxing and exfoliating I was ready for the face mask. I choose just a cheap Montagne Jeunnesse Peel Off Face Mask because A: I have several of them in my goodie draw and B: They are so cheap I won't mind replacing them (unlike my Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel) I definitely prefer A peel off mask as it's just so much easier. I used the Anti- Stress one that smells like cucumber. Not my favourite scent but just because I'm stressed doesn't mean my skin has to be.

After peeling off the mask and wiping my face with a damp flannel I treated my skin to a 3 minute massage with the amazing Nuxe Oil. This product is something else I received in a Glossybox and again, I love it. It's a repairing oil and every time I use it my skin glows. I usually put this on twice a week at night so it can do its magic while I'm sleeping. I figure that if you're skin repairs itself while you sleep then the Nuxe Oil will double the benefits. The oil can be used on all of your body but as it was a sample size I'm reserving mine for the skin everyone See's. The face.

The morning after my DIY facial my skin glowed. I met up with friends for dinner and my friend Ann said I look a lot better (the week before she walked in the door and said "Oh Sade, you look knackard" Charming I know but I will embrace her 'Look a lot better' sort of compliment and trust my skin has accepted my apology ;)

Anyone know of any amazing facial products I should try out?


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