Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pantene Pro - V new Range Review

Hi Dolls,

I was lucky enough to get sent Pantenes new range from SuperSavvyme to try out. I was given a project by them and samples to ask friends & family to test and review for me. Honestly I was soo excited to receive this pack. I use Pantene anyway so couldn't wait to give it a good testing.

For those of you that don't know about SuperSavvy you are missing out! They offer freebies for you and your friends to test and review and all they require is a small amount of time letting them know all the feedback. The Pantene Project was a huge success for me so I've just applied for the new Olay project. £50 worth of goods for you and your friends. Hell yeah... To sign up visit them on the Savvy Circle page Here.

1♥ Gift Bag
2♥ Intro Letter letting you know whats in the pack
3♥ How it works booklet, Coupons for money off & Feedback sheets
4♥ The samples to give out to everyone you know :)

Anyway, Back to the Product itself.  I have been using the products about 5 weeks now and there are some Positives & One Negative.

The first thing I noticed about the 'New and Improved' Pantene was the bottle (obviously) It's a lot more sleek and modern and looks better on the Bathroom shelf then the old one.
♥ Shampoo
♥ Conditioner
♥ Split End Serum

The next thing I noticed was the smell. It's much more fruity then the old Pantene and as I actually had the exact same one in the old version in my bathroom I gave them both quite a good sniff. I prefer the new smell much more to be honest.

When washing my hair I noticed the formula for both Shampoo & Conditioner is definitely more concentrated. You don't need too much of this as it lathers up a storm, and a small 50p blob was more than enough for me (I have quite long hair too)

It definitely made my hair shiny and soft and the feedback from my friends & family who used the testers has been great. My mum has Fine Hair so I gave her the Aqua Light tester and she was really impressed with it. It definitely made her hair more volumised and it looked really shiny too.

The only negative was after about 3 weeks of using it 3-4 times a week my hair stopped liking it and wasn't as shiny as it normally is and has to be washed nearly daily. My hair has never needed to be washed daily! I can normally get away with 2-3 days at least without washing.

My favourite product was the Split End Serum. This stuff has been transforming the ends of my hair! My last hair cut was like 6 months ago so of course I have the inevitable Split Ends. I've been using this on dry hair after it's been styled and it makes it look so smooth & Shiny :) Defo would recommend this!

Oh well, Overall I really like the new products and all my testers really liked them so Pantene must be doing something right ;)

Has anyone tried the new brand too? What do you think?


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