Sunday, 18 September 2011

Charles Worthington Straightening treatment review

Hey Dolls, 

As you may have read, I was lucky enough to win the new Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight & Smooth Hair Straightening treatment (here)

This is what they say:
"Charles Worthington Salon at Home Straight & Smooth is a breakthrough straightening treatment. It works by re-programming your hair’s memory so it stays straighter, smoother and more manageable. The results, depending on your hair’s natural curl and memory, can last up to 40 days. Straight & Smooth is a safe and easy treatment that transforms hair in just 25 minutes"

If this works, my god it will be a miracle. Who doesn't want to spend more time in bed then with their straighters?

This treatment is available from Boots from the 26th September 2011 and costs £19.99. There are two options for this treatment. 1 for Coloured hair and 1 for Non Coloured hair so make sure you choose the right one. 

Shall we get to the pics & review? Okay.. Here goes....

Looks wise I quite like it. It has A pearlescent Pink covering & Silver metallic back (no pics as you couldn't see anything by camera) and has a flip part that shows you whats in the pack and what this product does. So far so good as I'm sold with anything that's pink & shiny ha-ha.

Inside The Kit
 ♥ Instructions
♥ Straightening Treatment - 75ml
♥ Conditioning Neutraliser - 50ml
♥ Aftercare Conditioner - 75ml
♥ Thick Toothed Comb
♥ Plastic Gloves

Again, so far so good. Everything I need is in the pack and I really like the fact they give you a comb. I personally don't use combs and the only one I own is a very fine toothed comb where the teeth are very close together. This kind of comb wouldn't work with a product like this and would probably do more damage than good.
The instructions are really simple and I can't see anyway anyone would get this wrong.

What you need to know before you use:
♥ This product cannot be used if you've had a Perm or another chemical treatment in 12 weeks.
♥ It is not recommended if you have coloured your hair in under 2 weeks, so wait until after the 2 week period.
♥ You need to wait 2 weeks after this treatment before you can dye or perm your hair.
♥ Do not use this treatment more than once every 12 weeks.
♥ This treatment gives off a distinctive smell and can last up to 2 washes.
♥ Do not use if you have severely damaged hair and is breaking or splitting.
♥ This product cannot be used on hair that has been bleached to a very light Ash, Platinum or White Blonde. This also applys to highlights in these colours and if you have bleached your hair in preparation for lighter colour.

My Walk Through
In the instructions it tells you that you need to wash your hair with shampoo but do NOT use conditioner so that is what I've done. I've now got my old crappy towel draped over my shoulders, I've combed my hair and I've parted it into sections and put my gloves on. Here goes...eeek
The first thing that hits me is the smell of the Straightening Treatment. It is so bad there is no way I could explain how terrible it is. Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts and Mould come to mind but that's pleasant compared to this. Vom... Moving on, The Straightening Treatment is a cream and has a consistency of an at home hair dye. It's not too runny so is a doddle to apply without mess but spreads through the hair with ease. Woohoo! I can be a little clumsy but I found this easy and the comb made sure all strands were covered. The tube of this looks quite small and I got a little worried that it would run out as I have really long hair, but once I'd finished I had loads left over so I smoothed the rest all over and combed it all through. It says in the instructions that you need to keep your hair as straight as possible while its working so cup of Tea & Blogging it is :D
Right, 20 mins later and I've washed it off, now for the Conditioning Neutraliser. You apply this like a normal conditioner and again, comb it through. This only took 5 minutes and once off I felt relieved my hair felt soft and normal. I had a preconception that it would be really dry and damaged but this isn't the case. YAY!
Next was the finishing touches section which requires a blow dry and then straightening. This isn't a requirement, it's just a suggestion to get the best effect to seal the treatment but why not? I've just spent about 40 minutes trying to get the effect they promise so another 20 mins wont hurt.
Right, Blow dried and straightened and my hair is exceptionally straight. At this current time I can't tell you if it looks like this because the treatment worked, or because of the blow dry & Straighteners. That is what I will find out in the next 40 days.

Overall, I found this a doddle and would have no problems doing this at home without help. My hair condition seems fine and my hair is still shiny which is a plus. Yipeeeeee!

♥ The sizes of the products are a good size and even though I have really long hair (just past my chest) there was more than enough product to cover every strand.
♥ Extremely Simple Instructions
♥ Good Comb is included in the pack
♥ You get a 75ml Aftercare Conditioner which would probably last up to 3washes using generously.

♥ The smell... Vom
♥ It does not take 25 minutes. More like an hour including washing before the treatment, drying & straightening to seal it in.

I will be updating you guys over the 40 day period to let you know how I get on. I am really keen to see if the straightness lasts 2 weeks with the rain, putting my hair up and the inevitable bed hair. Will I be using my straighteners the same amount as before? That's the question I intend to get an answer too.



  1. How did it work - I have just bought some and am nervous about trying it? Anna

  2. Hi Anna,

    It does work and it's really easy to do :) I have no salon experience AT ALL but found it a doddle.

    it takes about an hour in full and the smell is horrid so make sure you open a few windows.

    It doesn't last as long as they say (depends on how curly your hair is) but my hair is just a little bit wavy and I went a week without straightening it. The kinks started to come back but after straightening again it was straight for about 4 days.

    Hope this helps.

    I did a week 1, Week 2 & week 3 review too so check them out for more info.

    Good luck Doll.


  3. im sitting here with the stuff on my hair right now! I have one comment so far:
    the gloves they give you in the kit are dreadful! I was all ready to start & tried to put them on but they just tore oh so easily! they are made of some kind of fragile plastic. I had to go to Boots & buy some good quality latex surgeons gloves! My advice is to buy some first!
    ill post on the results later!

  4. @Anonymous: really? Oh no... My gloves were fine. I have tiny hands though so maybe that's why. x

  5. hi Sadie has the product worked for you so far? thanx

  6. Hi Hun, It did yes but I was a little disappointed tbh. I did week 1, week 2 & Week 3 updates so you can for yourself :)



  8. How many days after doing it can I wash my hair?

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