Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tenerife 2011 ♥

Hey Ladies,

Okay this post is just really really late as I went on holiday in July BUT, I've just ordered all the photos and been reminded of some fun times so wanted to share it with you!

Me & My Hubs went to Playa Des Las Americas in Tenerife and we really loved it. We had heard it was rowdy and full of drunk teens but we didn't have any of that! It was beautiful, Hot, Relaxed and had some serious shops!


1♥ Lounging around by the pool
2♥ Discovering the area & finding the beach
3♥ Fish Pedicure
4♥ Our day at Siam Park (Huge Water Park)
5&6♥ The Dolphin Boat Trip, we saw REAL Dolphins!
7, 8 &9♥ Our Day at Loro Park. it was a Zoo kinda place but it was amazing. I'm the biggest animal lover (stepping on a snail can  reduce me to tears) so I was a little apprehensive about what the conditions would be like but OMG! This place put every zoo I've been to too shame. The enclosures are absolutely huge and done up so good you'd believe you are in the wild.
10♥ The Holy Grail of Tenerife - MANGO OUTLET.4 Euro for Jeans? Yesss pleaseee. I only spent 50 Euros and came out with 2 sack fulls wooohooo!
11♥ The Happy couple

Anyway, I had a lovely time in Tenerife with the other half and I would recommend it to anyone. :)


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