Friday, 16 September 2011

Week In Pictures ♥

Hey Dolls,

Another week, and I learned to bake! Woohooo! Here's what happened this week.

1♥ The beautiful flowers my boyfriend bought me for no reason.. He is soooo amazing sometimes
2♥ My first ever Chocolate mud cake.. It was soooo good even my nan (queen of cakes) wanted the recipe!
3♥ Nothing beats a lovely roast dinner.. Thanks Nan!
4♥ My Dog is a retard but I love her... This is how she sleeps when shes not stuck to my face
5♥ Another day in the office ha-ha! These guys came in to promote Star Wars going on DVD.. Made the day a little brighter.
6♥ My new Desktop Picture - I ♥ Giraffes

How was your week?


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