Saturday, 24 September 2011

Boudoir Prive Box - September 2011 - better than Glossybox? ♥

Hey Dolls,

I am an Avid Glossybox fan & subscriber but when I heard about a new box called Boudoir Prive Box I knew I had to get involved. After two months on the waiting list I finally received an email letting me subscribe and get Septembers box. Woohoo!

After seeing pictures of what the past boxes contained I must admit, I wasn't sure if I would keep on this subscription. Past products have included Bloom tea, Babor, Sachajuan, Macadamia  and other brands I have never heard off and although the point of the boxes are to try new & up and coming brands, Nothing in the past boxes excited me. Still, as A blogger it is my duty to try out new products and jump on the bandwagon & report my findings. Any excuse right? ha ha. Plus, I love presents and I love Glossybox so why not?

The Boudoir Prive Box
From Left to Right
♥ Cargo Boogie Nights Eye pencil - Full size
♥ Agent Provocateur L'Agent Perfume - small sample
♥ Tropic Body Smooth - Tiny Tester pot
♥ Colbert MD Eye Cream - Tiny Tester pot
♥ Macadamia Hair Repair oil - Tiny Tester pot
♥ Zoya Nail Polish - Full size
And something not in the pic is 2 sheets of blotting paper with shimmer on it.

My first thought was that it looks similar to the Glossybox. Same Pink box (well the lid flips up rather than comes off), Logo in the middle of the lid and even when opening they use the same black stringy stuff to protect the goodies and add a bit of decoration. This I think is a bit unoriginal as it is a completely different brand that may have the same concept as the Glossybox, but have completely different products in completely different price brackets. It would have been good if the Boudoir Prive box was Gold (not real gold of course but the colour of Gold) as they keep mentioning how 'Luxurious' this box is so hey, why not make the packaging a little more 'Luxurious.'

On to the Products: The reason I've put tiny tester pot instead of tester is because that's exactly what it is. I have never seen pots so small for samples. For example, the body polish pot is so small the only place I could use this would be on my hands. Once. The Eye Cream would prob last a week if used sparingly, but I think the size as tiny as it is, is understandable as a 15ml pot is £90! The two full size products are okay though. The Cargo Eye pencil is okay but I don't really use blue eye pencils so I will just sell this at a boot sale. It is a nice pencil though, It has loads of bits of glitter in it and would probably look really nice on someone with Blue eyes. The nail polish? Meh... I think the reason I'm not too fussed about this is because of the colour I was sent. Its a horrible metal colour. Actually, it looks like the same colour as Steel and After putting it on one nail I thought it looked cheap and tacky.The only good thing about this polish is it's very pigmented and shimmery which I love. They put a colour chart in the box and I think if I was given a different colour from the A/W collection I'd feel differently about it.

I can't hide the fact I'm really disappointed with this box. Well very disappointed with this box. Like the Glossybox they put in a card with info on the products. The only difference is Boudoir Prive display full size products on the card so I got really excited thinking I might have some full size products of the Body Polish or Macadamia Oil. When I opened this it was a stab to the heart. I like the fact they have pictures of the products but I think they need to show the actual sizes they put in instead of shop sizes.

I can definitely report this box is more, how shall we say this.. posh  luxurious. You can tell the products come from higher end stores and cost a fortune. This is why I think the samples are so small and to be honest? I'm not really prepared to pay £10 a month to receive pots this small. The point of these boxes is to allow people to try them out at a more affordable price and then repurchase them, but with samples this small you could only use them once or twice max and how would you know if its any good?

Put it this way.. Boudoir Prive is more "Made in Chelsea" and the Glossybox is "The Only Way Is Essex"

Me personally? I prefer "The Only Way Is Essex" because at least if I love a product, I can actually afford to repurchase it and Glossybox offer better size products that are more suited to me.

I can also report as of 11:00am this morning I cancelled my subscription to Boudoir prive.

What do you guys think of it?



  1. I felt the same way about this month's box. I just checked their FB page and it seems like a lot of them are singing praises, though. I guess it's really subjective and a matter of preference. I, too, have unsubscribed :(

  2. Hey Joey! Yes I saw the FB page and loads of people Love it. Its just not my kind of thing. Defo sticking to my Glossybox xx

  3. I totally agree. I will unsubscribe too unfortunately.


  4. Hey Alex! Its such a shame as I really was excited to try out higher end brands. It just really doesnt float my boat! :( Still, theres always GLossybox! :D xxx


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