Sunday, 18 September 2011

Shopping gone Mad - Spending Ban Fail!

Hey Ladies,

Ashamed as I am, I must report I went 11 days without shopping & I have just FAILED..... miserabley. ...*Sigh*
I do feel a slight bit guilty and annoyed with myself but, to be completely honest? My God I am happy! :D

What started out as a simple day trip with the girls to get some Bridesmaid dresses, turned into a full shopping frenzy.You see, my best friend is getting married next year & we have searched high and low for nice but decently priced Bridesmaid dresses. It's been so complicated as she had her heart set on a weird aqua/turqouise colour that at the same time needed to be like a baby blue. Difficult I know as the colour she was lusting for just couldn't A: Be found anywhere we went (and we went a few places) & B: The dresses that was in that colour were either extremely over priced or were disgusting looking. Anyway, her aunt told her about a place called Finsbury Park in North London that had loads of shops in a row selling prom/bridesmaid dresses and from that second our fate was sealed. To North London we go! (We live in South London btw)

Soooo, we get there and yes, there are loads of shops selling perfect Bridesmaids dresses BUT, there was also loads of shops selling normal stuff & the best part? It was soooooooo cheap! .. This is where my dedication to save took a back seat and my 'OMG you must buy this now' part of my brain took over. My reasoning was this: I have never been to North London and am unlikely to come again anytime soon so I might aswell buy this cheap amazing stuff and start my ban next month. I think this is a perfectly good excuse reason. :)

Anyway, enough of the babbling, lets look at what I got?

♥ Oatmeal Slouch Cardigan - £5
♥ Black Wooly Jumper - £6
♥ Denim Skinny Jeans - £5
♥ Nude Side Rouched Dress - £15 (Will be used for work & evenings out so techincally it was a good idea)

♥ Pauls Boutique handbag - £25

I doubt this is a real version but I actually had my Legitamate one on me and the differences are... There are none. The Brass Logo to the inside pattern & fabric are identical. I personally do prefer real goods and I love my real Pauls Boutique bag, but I wasn't about to walk away from this one. It's Love and I cannot wait to parade it round tomorrow! Woohoo!

So yes I failed miserably, but it made me happy and guess what?

Me far right ;)

We found the bridesmaid dresses :D... A different colour to what she wanted but once we all tried them on in the shop the Bride to be loved them and so did we :)


Disclaimer: In no way do I want to send out a message Shopaholicism is a good thing. I firmly believe in saving money & investing in your future.
Disclaimer 2: I also believe buying fake goods should be avoided at all most costs as it's unethical. But hey, when the things you love are ridiculously over priced what is a girl going to do?


  1. haha i always crack when i find cheap things, it's hard!,

    love everything you bought!, that jumper is so adorable!

    the bridesmaid dresses are really pretty!

  2. Aww Thank you hun! I love the jumper too! Me & the other bridesmaids are really happy with the dresses :) xx


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