Sunday, 12 February 2012

L'Oreal, Triple Active Nourish Moisturiser Review

Hey Ladies,

I consider a good moisturiser a staple product in my daily make up routine as well as my daily cleansing routine. Although I'm only nearly 24 I do worry about my skin & the up and coming wrinkles, so when I see a new cream I can't wait to give it a go.

A few weeks ago on lunch, I 'somehow happened' to be in Superdrug when I spotted this little lovely.

L'Oreal Triple Active Nourish Moisturiser

I normally use Superdrugs own brand Vitamin E moisturiser but while in the aisle (it rhymes ha-ha) I took a normal look at the competition & spotted this on offer. I read the benefits and quickly added it to my basket.

On paper it seemed amazing. They claim "The ceramide complex of Triple Action Nourish stimulates the production of Lipids* in the skin)
* Lipids are a barrier for the skin against infection, weather, sun etc.. so pretty important

They claim the Actions of this cream are to "Hydrate for 24 hours, Protect the skin as it includes a UVB filter and to Nourish as it is rich in essential fatty acids Omega 3 & 6 and the product contains Omega Ceramides"

All sounds great right? So that night after I cleansed I couldn't wait to smother it on my skin. The first thing I noticed was the smell. I can't put my finger on what it is but it smells so good. It reminded me a bit of Dove soap mixed with something else. Vanilla? I'm not sure but whatever it is I like it. I looked on the ingredients list and they have added Parfum/Fragrance to it, so if your skin is sensitive or bad with fragrance then I'm not sure if this product would agree with it.

This cream is very rich and you really do not need a lot as it spreads like a dream. Although this cream is for Dry to Very Dry skin it isn't greasy, and does sink in really well after a minute or two. I wouldn't recommend it for Oily skin though as it is quite rich. I have normal skin and it worked like a dream so don't be put off if you don't suffer from Dry skin. A few minutes later I rubbed my skin and it was soft like silk. So far I love.

The next morning I wanted to see how make up went over it so I cleansed and applied this to my face. After about 1-2 minutes it had sunk in and I applied my makeup as normal. There was no greasy sheen to my face then nor a few hours later and my make up went on lovely. Yipee!

Well after three weeks of using this cream I absolutely love it. My skin does always feel hydrated, comfortable and nourished and my Mum has commented on how healthy it looks.

I will definitely be picking this up again!

You can get it from Superdrug, Boots and all supermarkets now for £6.12.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Quote of the Week

Hey Dolls,

I saw this quote and really liked it so it would be rude not to share.

"Enjoy the little things in life as one day, you will look back and realise they were the big things"


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Shopping Gone Mad - I Love Pastels

Hey Dolls,

On the Weekend I decided some shopping was in order as I have been dying to get my hands on some pastel colored items. I am so happy Spring/Summer is all about Pastels as I love them and think Spring is definately A Pastel kind of time.

Out and about in my local shopping area I unfortunately couldn't find much I liked in Pastels Shades. Therefore, in order to avoid it being a trip wasted I browsed around Primark & H&M and found some other little gems.

♥ Snake Framed Sunnys - Primark- £3
♥ Make up Bag - Primark - £3
♥ Mutli Coloured Boat Ring - Primark - £2
♥ Camel Bowed Shoes - Primark - £6

♥ Sheer Pastel Purple Blouse - Primark - £10
♥ Lilac Cami (To go under it) - Primark - £1.50

♥ Camel Miliarty Cardigan/Jacket - H&M - £15

Normally I have a favourite purchase but I adore everything I bought! I love my little Boat Ring and although I normally hate Snake Print stuff I LOVE these sunglasses. The Pastel Purple blouse is completely see through and I was going to put it back as I didn't think the Cami colour would work ,but it goes perfectly. I will most probably wear this with Black Skinny Jeans and my Barry M Lilac Nail Polish.

The Military Jacket looks much better on and although it's more of a cardigan than a Jacket, It is quite thick and definately could be used as a light Jacket in Spring/Summer. I bought the Camel Bowed Shoes to go with it and will probably wear A black Tank Top and Black Skinny Jeans, Again! (I seriously love Black Skinny Jeans as you can guess)

Primarks got some really nice stuff at the moment, have you made any cheeky purchases?


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Trip To Thailand - Help Needed

Hey Ladies,

A good few months ago I posted a list of all the things I'd like to do before I became an OAP. (see Here) and one of these things was Travelling around Thailand to Koh Tao, Phi Phi, Bangkok etc.

Well girls, I've only gone and booked a three week trip around Thailand! Originally I was thinking 5 weeks but A: I couldn't get the time off work & B: I can't afford 5 weeks spending money! ha-ha

My cousin Lucy who is currently travelling will be in Thailand in April so to recover from my recent broken heart I decided to go for it. My aunt, mum and my other cousin decided to jump ship too so were going on a family vacay!

My family are quite something. My mum and Aunt still act like there 25 so this is going to be a right laugh.

We will be staying in Bangkok for a few days then travelling down to Phuket and Island hopping every three days. We've planned shopping and the Full Moon party as well as hitting the beaches.

I've never been to Thailand before so was wondering if anyone had and could give me some tips on temperatures in April, The Full Moon Party, The Food and most of all.. How much do you take for three weeks inc Accomodation?

We have a two hour stop of in Doha also so was wondering if anyone has been to this Airport and is the Duty Free good?

Any info would be much appriciated!


Monday, 6 February 2012

My February Love - Tux Jacket

Hey Ladies,

For weeks I had trowelled shops and online stores in hope I would find a Nude coloured Blazer/Jacket with Black cuffs and feminine features. Now my search is finally over and I am the proud owner of this beauty.

I am so in love with this jacket it's ridiculous.
 My obsession for a blazer like this started when I watched an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim K was wearing a gorgeous Nude Blazer and I wanted it! A few weeks later I saw a woman in a shop wearing a similar one but with Black Cuffs and I fell in love even more.

*Pic nicked from Google images*

I'm only 5ft 2 so find the traditional style blazers swamp me and make me look masculine, especially with the blunt tailoring and straight lines. This is a more floaty fabric and definately appears more feminine then the others I have seen. I love the way it parts in the middle and although it is polyester it looks soft. I guess thats why it's called the "Soft" Tux Jacket. ha-ha.

I'll be teaming this with a Plain Black Tank Top and A pair of Black Skinny Jeans for cheeky drinks with the girls or casual days out.

What do you guys think of it?


Sunday, 5 February 2012

New CID I-Glow Review

Hey Girlies,

I've seen so much about the New CID cosmetics and recently bloggers have been raving about them so as you can imagine, I was extremely happy to get this beauty in the post. It retails at £22.50 but I managed to get my mitts on it for just £6 including 6 issues of Glamour magazine. (More info about this deal should you want it, is at the bottom of this post)

Say Hello to CID I-Glow in 'Ice Pop'

I've only had this product Two days but I'm completely in love with it! It's the perfect Pinky Peach and gives such a lovely natural glow. In all honesty I haven't owned a Marble type Blusher before but I am really converted now. The New CID I-Glow is a compact Shimmer Powder that has a dimension of different shades to it. There's White, Lilac, Pink, Peach and what looks like bits of Bronzer, so I think it would suit any skin tone. After a quick swirl of the blusher brush and application it gives my cheeks a lovely pinky peach flush and a subtle highlight on my cheekbones. It definitely is shimmery (hence calling it a Shimmer Powder) but in no way is it over bearing or too shiny once applied. I can't wait to take this on holiday with me in April as I know its going to look beautiful with a tan!

The only negative about this product is the chunky ugly packaging. It's a thick White clinical looking box which really doesn't go with how pretty and delicate the product itself is. For £22.50 I definitely would prefer packaging that makes a statement or at least looks nice on the outside too. Also, the packaging around the powder is a metallic Silver tin foil looking thing which I just don't get. It's like having an engagement ring presented in a box made of dried Mud?

Apart from that one moan I love, love, love this product. So much so, I ordered another 6 month Glamour subscription for £6 for a friend just so I could get a back up! ha-ha!

How to get 6 issues of Glamour and free goodies:
I used to work for a magazine subscription company and there are always deals on all the magazines. I use a site called Magazine Boutique which offers 6 issues of Glamour for £6 + a Free Gift. I've done this deal several times for both myself and as extra pressies for my Glamour reader friends. I've had free perfumes, Free Benefit cosmetics & Skincare stuff.
Basically most female magazines offer incentives to get you to sign up and the best subscription company for this is The subscription is a Direct Debit and after the introduction price it does roll on unless you cancel it. With Glamour Mag, after the 6 months for £6 it rolls over to £7 every 6 months. I normally do online banking so once I receive my first or second issue I just cancel it online. You still receive all 6 issues and your free gift ;) Woohoo! It's very cheeky but after my last issue I re-subscribe again and get another free gift and another 6 issues for £6.

Has anyone else tried the New CID I-glow range? Or anything from CID at all? If so, what did you think and is there a Gem I'm missing out on?


Saturday, 4 February 2012

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation review

Hey Dolls,

I was in desperate need of a foundation and thanks to an up and coming trip to Thailand I am saving as many Pennys as possible. As you may know I'm on a mission to find the 'One' in a foundation. I've tried Nars, Lancome, Maybelline and now Rimmel (Please see my 'Foundation mission' Label on the Left)

I popped in to my local Superdrug to see what offers were currently on, and saw this beauty at a cheap £5.99 on offer. After the introductory offer it will retail at £8.99.

This product promises "A healthy, radiant glow that minimises premature skin ageing" so who could turn this down? If like me you work full time and get out of bed before the sun rises, The skin can become slightly dull and tired looking. This products promises to banish any sign of fatigue. Woop Woop!


First thing I noticed was the bottle. The bright orange lid is shimmery and the glass bottle is really thick and sturdy which is brilliant if like me, you are prone to dropping things. It has SPF 15 too which I always look for in a foundation and as I rubbed a tester on the back of my hands I like the smell. So far so good :)

The next day I put this to the test and was pleasantly surprised. The consistency is thick but spreads easily without pulling the skin and a little goes a long way. The product does have a slight shimmer to it but I can assure you its not glittery, in fact it definitely adds a healthy glow without being too shiny. It's not a greasy product at all but it feels light and moisturising which is something I also look for in a foundation.

At work that day a colleague commented on how fresh my skin looked which gives this product major bonus points in my book.


The first negative is that it is medium coverage so if you are trying to hide a lot then its not the best option although, you could use this over, or mixed in with another foundation of choice to still get that glow.

Second negative is it doesn't last as long as I hoped it would. I cleanse and moisturise in the mornings to prep my skin which is meant to ensure better staying power. Don't get me wrong it does last a good 3-4 hours but I found that by the end of my working day the coverage was practically non existant. I didn't use powder over this foundation as I think it would defeat the point of the object, so maybe that has something to do with it?

Coverage 4 hours after application:

As you can see skin is still glowy but there isn't much coverage at all.

Apart from that I like this foundation. I like the Bottle, I like the Price and I love having glowy radiant skin at 6.30 in the morning. I'm sure all my fellow passengers on the bus are jealous of me ;)

I would defiantly recommend giving this foundation a go but not if you need a better coverage.


Has anyone tried it? What did you think?


Friday, 3 February 2012

Freebie of the Week

Hey Dolls,

I haven't done one of these posts in a while but I've seen an amazing freebie and had to share!

L'oreal are bringing out a new range called Hair Expertise and they say it's "A non-sulphate, botanical-oil infused range that has taken several years for L’OrĂ©al to develop"

*Pic taken from the L'oreal site*

They are offering 4,300 full size samples to be tested before they launch it worldwide. There are three to choose from suiting different hair types. EverPure for Coloured Hair, EverSleek for Frizzy hair and EverStrong for Fragile Hair.

To claim your free full size shampoo all you need to do is just click Here and register with L'oreal or Sign in! Simples.

Enjoy your free shampoo!


Thursday, 2 February 2012

New Body Shop Chocomania Range

Hi Dolls,

I'm not sure about you but I love the Body Shop Body Butters and I love Chocolate so when I popped in to my local store and saw this I fell in love!

Body shop have a new range out in time for Valentines called "Chocomania" and as you can guess, it's all about Chocolate.

This range consists of a Body Butter, A Heart chocolate Soap, Body Scrub, Lip Butter, Shower Cream & A Body Lotion. The Body Butter and Body Scrub are currently on a introductionary offer of £9 and the rest of the products are between £2-£8 so not too bad of value.

I've had dry lips recently due to this unfortunate weather so I picked up the Lip Butter and adore it already! It's Glossy, Smells of Chocolate and best of all tastes like chocolate! I'm on a holiday diet currently, so this will definitely curb my 4pm chocolate cravings. I was tempted to buy the Body Butter as its Smells AMAZING, But as much as I love chocolate, I'm not sure if I want my whole body to smell of it. I am tempted to go back to the store and pick up the Shower Cream though. Hmmm...

If you order online you get Free delivery on orders over £20 and A free Body Butter on orders over £25!

Please see the range Here

What do you guys think, Is this something you'd buy?


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Glossybox - February

Hey Beauties,

On Monday morning I received this months Glossybox and as first impressions went, I likey!

This months theme is obviously Valentines and the normal baby pink box has been replaced by a bright pink box Katie Price would be proud of. I've seen two bloggers who didn't like the colour very much but I personally love it. Yes, it is very bright and a bit out there but like I say, It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring ;) I also thought the little heart sticker on the paper wrapping was quite cute.

Inside the box there's a folded card which says "Happy Valentines Day from Glossybox" with a bunch of red roses on it. As a newly singleton I'm not sure whether to appreciate the one and only card I will receive this year, or feel a little bit sad that Glossybox have to rub it in! Hmmm... Nice gesture I guess and at least I can say I received a card (technically I'm not lying?)  ha-ha! You open the card up obvs and inside is the usual list of what you have received.

Here's what I received

Left to Right
♥ Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Plum - Full Size
♥ Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer - 5ml
♥ Fab Gentle Body Wash - 2.0oz
♥ Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner - 10ml
♥ Orly Nail Polish in Ruby - 5.3ml
 (and a sweet)

I have to admit I am a little disappointed with this box. I love the Pink presentation of the box but lets face it, We subscribe for the actual products not the box. Compared with all the other boxes I've received since starting my subscription in July this one is the most shit Meh...
I haven't got that excited feeling this month and that bothers me. I LOVE that excited feeling of new shiny products, who doesn't? But unfortunately this didn't do it for me.

I got a body wash! *Straight Face* I could have walked into Superdrug and picked out one for £1 and don't get me started on the minuscule cleanser. I love Weleda but I do not need another Cleanser :(
To top it off, I received an Eyeliner Pencil in Plum (I do not wear purple eyeliner) and another Red nail polish to add to my already huge collection. Also, to add insult to injury, I've seen other people received Clarins products. :( I would have soooo preferred these to the Nail Varnish and Cleanser! Had I received these products this review would have been a whole lot different.

In all honesty the only thing I semi like is the Murad Primer. I love a good primer so this will come in handy seeing as my Smashbox one has run out.

This is the first time since July I haven't liked at least 3 of the 5 products so I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt this month. Glossybox better pull something brilliant out the bag next month or the subscription is CANCELLED!

Did you guys like this months box?

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