Tuesday, 26 July 2011

25 things

Hey Dolls,

I've been thinking about my age (an old 23) and thinking about what I'd love to achieve/do before my life is all OAPness. I saw a similar post on another blog and thought 'What a good idea'
We all have things we'd love to experience and I come up with my own list, so I thought I would share them with you.
Who knows, once I've done them I can cross them off on here and do a post on it. I've put a collection of pics from Google images below so its in visual terms too :)

25 things to do before OAPness

♥ I want to travel around Thailand - Tiger temple, Koh Tao, Phi Phi, Bangkok etc.. Heaven!
♥ I want to buy a beautiful 4 bedroom house with a garden/Save the deposit to buy this beautiful house
♥ Learn a skill I can use on the side - I keep meaning to do a beauty course and learn how to do eyelash extensions, waxing, etc...I enjoy it so much so why not get paid for it?
♥ Visit Rome and explore the historic buildings
♥ Swim with Dolphins
♥ Go skydiving
♥ Learn to speak another language.. Spanish or French mostly
♥ Find the perfect skincare range for me that will leave my skin amazing and wrinkle free until I'm like 50 (I know, high hopes ha ha)
♥ Have an amazing wedding then go on honeymoon to the French Polynesian islands
♥ I want to go to New York and visit the Statue of Liberty and Empire state building
♥ Jet Ski
♥ Save a nice lump sum (£,4000) so I never have to worry about money
♥ Drive A Ferrari really fast!
♥ Give up smoking (such a bad dirty habit I know)
♥ Have 3 children - well as long as I could afford too
♥ Learn to let things go.. I really hold grudges and it's not good for you
♥ Exercise more often throughout life
♥ Have a wild girls holiday - Hangover/Bridesmaids style
♥ Write a book
♥ Concur my fear of deep water and just jump into it!
♥ Maybe buy a Villa somewhere hot for renting out and Holidays when ever I want
♥ Go Skiing
♥ Have a walk in wardrobe.. A Huge room just for me
♥ Do something for charity, like a walk or marathon
♥ Learn to cook complicated, Amazing food!


What do you guys want to do before zimmer frames? And is there anything else I'm missing out on?


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  1. i am so inspired with your plans...may be i will make some in future :)


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