Sunday, 10 April 2011

Benefits 'Smokin' eyes' Eye and eyebrow makeover kit

Here we have another fabulous kit from Benefit. It's a smoky eye and eyebrow shaper kit but to be honest I mostly use it for my eyebrows. Don't we all love a neat, perfect looking brow?

So here's what you get inside :)

 From top to bottom:

1. Three eye shadows for the smoky eye's look.
Pink highlight shadow
Pewter base shadow
Deep charcoal shadow

2. A double ended brush for the eyeshadow and brow wax and an eyeliner pencil.

3. Brow shaping wax in shade Light and Eyebright.

The Shadows:
In all honesty I rarely use the smoky eye's look, but in all attempts of trying on them rare occasions I always messed it up and ended up looking like a panda or someone who had just been beaten up ha ha!
These shadows, for the first time EVER gave me the perfect smoky eye without being too heavy. Hoorah!
The kit comes with instructions (which I lost- woops) but I found my own way to do it!
I use a very thin layer of Vaseline on my eyelids and then in the corner of my eye use the pink highlight shadow. After that I use the Pewter base over my eyelid and blend in to the Pink highlighter. Once that's done I use the deep Charcoal shadow towards the end of my lid and blend that in. I finish with liquid eyeliner and ALOT of mascara! The shadows are the perfect shades and if you think you've gone too dark then the pink highlight shadow can tone it down a bit. I actually use the Charcoal for my eyebrow as its not as dark as you might think and I have fairly dark hair.

The Brush & Liner:
To be honest I found the liner was too hard and dragged a lot which I didn't like so haven't used it since my first test. Saying that though, I'm used to liquid liner which just glides on so maybe I'm a little biast!
I absolutely love the little duo brush though! One side has the eyeshadow brush which is really thick and soft but picks up the perfect amount of shadow and blends like a dream. I haven't used any of my other brushes since, which I should do really as I don't want to wear this one out just yet. On the other side you have a flat slanted brush for the eyebrow touch ups. You can use this brush with the wax and its perfect for creating sharp lines or filling in gaps. I get my eyebrows threaded as I think the shape is more precise so this is perfect if you like a brow with sharp lines. I cant stand brows that look drawn , so I use little product but just go over the natural shape lines to give it that just shaped look. Please see below.

Brow wax and Eyebright:
The brow wax may look dark, but comes out rather light so didn't suit my colouring. I have naturally dark hair so my eyebrows were darker than this shade but, if your a light brown then it would be perfect. I have used it a few times after I used the charcoal shadow, just to keep my brows in place and it does finish them off.
With regards to the eyebright, this stuff is perfect for brightening things up. I use a little in the corners of my eyes and even use it on my cupids brow and cheekbones. I must say it's a little chalky and doesn't glide on creamy, so I suggest rubbing it between you fingers first to make applying easier. I find it works better with my fingers then a brush as it is quite compacted and hard. But hey, at 6am in the morning I don't go to work looking that tired which can only be a good thing!

These tweezers are rather small so if like me you have fat fingers they can be a bit tricky ha ha! There perfect just for sorting an out of place hair but I wouldn't recommend using them to do your whole brow as they don't grip enough. I found it took like 30 seconds to get rid of one hair so I cant imagine using them for more. Saying that, as I mentioned I have chubby little fingers so that might be why!

All in all I love this kit and haven't experienced a bad brow day since. Also I feel more confident creating a smoky eyes look and have done it more often now I have this then when I didn't.


Saturday, 9 April 2011

Stuff I love!

I just wanted to share some of the stuff I am currently loving and couldnt live without! Going clockwise we have:

My organiser/Diary/Notepad! My god if I didnt have this i'd be lost. The obvious is Birthdays, shifts at work, plans i've made etc.. But I also use it for my savings plan, Diet plan, Holiday ideas, Blogging ideas etc.. You name it and it'll be in my organiser! The thought of leaving the house without it gives me shivers haha, maybe i'm a secret control freak? Oh well..

Next is my 'Jimmy Choo perfume'. I only got this on my Birthday 8 days ago but thats it, the search for the 'one' has been called off. I absolutely love it! Its really sweet, feminine and a little exotic (exotic being the word my boyfriend used) Although its sweet and feminine it has a really sexy smell to it! and my boyfriend seems to love it which can only be a good thing! haha!

Next is my 'L'oreal Lash Renewal.' I'm lucky enough to have what I consider nice eyelashes and in my opinion i'd like to keep them that way! As they say, prevention is better than cure :) I've only been using it 3 days in which I havent seen a difference yet but after its been 2 weeks and I have formed a fair opinion i'll write a proper review on it :)

Then we have the newest addition to my make up bag... my 'Mac Mineralize Blush in Hang Loose'.  My auntie works for Mac so i'm lucky enough to get my mitts on products for cheap and on B'days & Xmas :)
I must admit I was a little worried when I saw it. It's a duo blush with half a lovely pink and the other a lilac colour. I was only worried when I saw the Lilac to be honest and remember thinking "Who wears purple blush?" haha! Well it just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. In no way does it come out Lilac. Its the best highlighter powder i've ever used. You can use the pink first, then sweep the lilac over it on your cheekbones or you can use them both together. It gives a really natural glow that doesnt look glittery or too shiny. I use this on my cupids brow and in the corners of my eyes to liven things up at ridiculous o'clock in the morn.

Next is the Soap and Glory 'Righteous Butter'. Its really thick, smells devine and banishes any dry patches! I find it works best just after a bath or shower. Its not cheap (retails at just over £10 in Boots) but its a large 300ml tub and little goes along way. I can still smell/feel it the next day and It's been my saviour throughout winter!

Then we have the celeb/public favourite cleanser 'Liz Earle clean and polish' This stuff is so good i'm going to do a seperate post on it. My mum bought me the kit for my birthday and I already cannot think of using any other cleaner on my face.

This weather has been cruel to the hands and rooting through my mums product draw I came across this beauty! 'Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy' this stuff is a miracle cure for really dry hands. I was using 'Garnier Hand Repair' but as good as it was it didn't really help in the long run. After using this product just once I noticed the difference straight away. It really does work! It contains Shea Butter as the main ingredient and I havent had a dry hand since :) Its not cheap though which is the only down side. £14 for 50ml but again, a little goes a long way and it instantly soothes and hydrates!

Second to last is my new favourite Nail Polish! 'No7 in Fairy Cake' I love pink nail polishes and was extremely happy when I found this one in Boots on its on where the foundation was. Random I know haha! anyway, Its a really pale Pink and reminds me of pink icing on a cupcake... Mind you I guess that's why they call it Fairy Cake..! haha!

Lastly is my 'Benefit Smoking Eyes Kit' this kit is brilliant! I've used this everday since I my boyfriend bought it for me in October! Please see full review here.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bobby Brown LIPS palette- with swatches

Okay i'm a lipgloss junkie.. After counting, I discovered I own 33 lipglosses!! Oh the shame but I just CANT stop buying them! But being a lipgloss junkie, can you imagine my sheer delight when I opened this on my birthday??

I introduce the 'Bobby Brown Lips Palette'

I cant believe i'm admitting this but i dont think i've ever bought a lip palette. I've always stuck with individual colours as I can be a bit fussy, but I'm converted and completely and hopelessly in love... My heart even dropped when I used these amazing products on my hands for the swatches!

Anyway lets get to the details shall we??

Here's what greets you inside:

There are four shades of lipglosses (in order from left to right)

1. Posey Shimmer
2. Pastel Pink
3. Bellini Shimmer
4. Golden Beige shimmer

You also get a large mirror and the best little lip brush going!


In order again from Left to right its;

Posey Shimmer: This colour is very light and natural and has small glitter particles in it. I dont normally like glitter lipglosses but the glitter is so fine it just gives a natural lip the perfect amount of sparkle.
Pastel Pink: My favourite! It gives your lip a lovely light pink colour but unlike some pinkie colours looks perfectly natural. It really unhances my natural lip and I must also say the shine is unbelieveable! Believe me, being a lipgloss junkie i've tried them all! Once this has run out I am 100% buying it again!
Bellini Shimmer: A lovely light honey/caramel colour which on the lip looks delicious. This also has very fine glitter particles but again, isnt too much. I'm a bit pale at the moment but I already know this shade would be fantastic with a tan.
Golden Beige shimmer: As the title describes its Beige, but once on looks nude. Theres no glitter particles in this one but like the Pastel Pink goes on sooo smoothly. Its my second favourite as its light and simple yet gives you that finishing touch.

So all in all I absolutely love this Palette!! It lasts for ages and I would definately purchase this again!


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