Sunday, 10 April 2011

Benefits 'Smokin' eyes' Eye and eyebrow makeover kit

Here we have another fabulous kit from Benefit. It's a smoky eye and eyebrow shaper kit but to be honest I mostly use it for my eyebrows. Don't we all love a neat, perfect looking brow?

So here's what you get inside :)

 From top to bottom:

1. Three eye shadows for the smoky eye's look.
Pink highlight shadow
Pewter base shadow
Deep charcoal shadow

2. A double ended brush for the eyeshadow and brow wax and an eyeliner pencil.

3. Brow shaping wax in shade Light and Eyebright.

The Shadows:
In all honesty I rarely use the smoky eye's look, but in all attempts of trying on them rare occasions I always messed it up and ended up looking like a panda or someone who had just been beaten up ha ha!
These shadows, for the first time EVER gave me the perfect smoky eye without being too heavy. Hoorah!
The kit comes with instructions (which I lost- woops) but I found my own way to do it!
I use a very thin layer of Vaseline on my eyelids and then in the corner of my eye use the pink highlight shadow. After that I use the Pewter base over my eyelid and blend in to the Pink highlighter. Once that's done I use the deep Charcoal shadow towards the end of my lid and blend that in. I finish with liquid eyeliner and ALOT of mascara! The shadows are the perfect shades and if you think you've gone too dark then the pink highlight shadow can tone it down a bit. I actually use the Charcoal for my eyebrow as its not as dark as you might think and I have fairly dark hair.

The Brush & Liner:
To be honest I found the liner was too hard and dragged a lot which I didn't like so haven't used it since my first test. Saying that though, I'm used to liquid liner which just glides on so maybe I'm a little biast!
I absolutely love the little duo brush though! One side has the eyeshadow brush which is really thick and soft but picks up the perfect amount of shadow and blends like a dream. I haven't used any of my other brushes since, which I should do really as I don't want to wear this one out just yet. On the other side you have a flat slanted brush for the eyebrow touch ups. You can use this brush with the wax and its perfect for creating sharp lines or filling in gaps. I get my eyebrows threaded as I think the shape is more precise so this is perfect if you like a brow with sharp lines. I cant stand brows that look drawn , so I use little product but just go over the natural shape lines to give it that just shaped look. Please see below.

Brow wax and Eyebright:
The brow wax may look dark, but comes out rather light so didn't suit my colouring. I have naturally dark hair so my eyebrows were darker than this shade but, if your a light brown then it would be perfect. I have used it a few times after I used the charcoal shadow, just to keep my brows in place and it does finish them off.
With regards to the eyebright, this stuff is perfect for brightening things up. I use a little in the corners of my eyes and even use it on my cupids brow and cheekbones. I must say it's a little chalky and doesn't glide on creamy, so I suggest rubbing it between you fingers first to make applying easier. I find it works better with my fingers then a brush as it is quite compacted and hard. But hey, at 6am in the morning I don't go to work looking that tired which can only be a good thing!

These tweezers are rather small so if like me you have fat fingers they can be a bit tricky ha ha! There perfect just for sorting an out of place hair but I wouldn't recommend using them to do your whole brow as they don't grip enough. I found it took like 30 seconds to get rid of one hair so I cant imagine using them for more. Saying that, as I mentioned I have chubby little fingers so that might be why!

All in all I love this kit and haven't experienced a bad brow day since. Also I feel more confident creating a smoky eyes look and have done it more often now I have this then when I didn't.


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