Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bobby Brown LIPS palette- with swatches

Okay i'm a lipgloss junkie.. After counting, I discovered I own 33 lipglosses!! Oh the shame but I just CANT stop buying them! But being a lipgloss junkie, can you imagine my sheer delight when I opened this on my birthday??

I introduce the 'Bobby Brown Lips Palette'

I cant believe i'm admitting this but i dont think i've ever bought a lip palette. I've always stuck with individual colours as I can be a bit fussy, but I'm converted and completely and hopelessly in love... My heart even dropped when I used these amazing products on my hands for the swatches!

Anyway lets get to the details shall we??

Here's what greets you inside:

There are four shades of lipglosses (in order from left to right)

1. Posey Shimmer
2. Pastel Pink
3. Bellini Shimmer
4. Golden Beige shimmer

You also get a large mirror and the best little lip brush going!


In order again from Left to right its;

Posey Shimmer: This colour is very light and natural and has small glitter particles in it. I dont normally like glitter lipglosses but the glitter is so fine it just gives a natural lip the perfect amount of sparkle.
Pastel Pink: My favourite! It gives your lip a lovely light pink colour but unlike some pinkie colours looks perfectly natural. It really unhances my natural lip and I must also say the shine is unbelieveable! Believe me, being a lipgloss junkie i've tried them all! Once this has run out I am 100% buying it again!
Bellini Shimmer: A lovely light honey/caramel colour which on the lip looks delicious. This also has very fine glitter particles but again, isnt too much. I'm a bit pale at the moment but I already know this shade would be fantastic with a tan.
Golden Beige shimmer: As the title describes its Beige, but once on looks nude. Theres no glitter particles in this one but like the Pastel Pink goes on sooo smoothly. Its my second favourite as its light and simple yet gives you that finishing touch.

So all in all I absolutely love this Palette!! It lasts for ages and I would definately purchase this again!


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