Welcome To my World

I started LiveLaughLove, as from a young age I've always been obsessed with Beauty and Make up. While all my friends were reading Goosebump books in Primary school I used to delve into my mums make up and skincare books. I loved the fact small little tricks and patience can change a face shape or make certain features stand out.

The years grew and so did my knowledge and passion, so it's a regular occurrence that a friend asks me to do her make-up or comes to me for skin and product advice.

After school I really wanted to go to Beauty School but decided they don't pay so well so got an office job and continued my love on the side.

I buy so much stuff and loved mentally testing it and telling people I knew what products were good and bad, so the idea of a blog came to mind. I read so many of them but I wanted one all of my own. I thought about it for months and then finally took the plunge and create Live Laugh Love.

I picked this name as I firmly believe that life is all about Living, Laughing and Loving.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and following me on my journey to find the Holy Grail of Make-up and Skincare.

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