Thursday, 19 May 2011

Superdrug's own brand hair dye

Hey Ladies,

On Saturday I popped to Superdrug to claim my 'Beautycard' and stock up on some essentails. As you know a few weeks ago I decided to colour my hair a Blonde/Caramel colour but I quickly grew tired of it haha!

Whilst picking up some bargains I scaled the Hair dye section to bring my hair back to its Brunette goodness. I've never used a Superdrugs own brand hair colourant so was a little apprehensive, but when I saw 2 for £5.99 I couldnt refuse (esp as it came with Bonus points) I normally use L'oreal but I am sooooo pleased I gave Superdrug a go!

I purchased Colour Radiance 10 in Intense medium brown.

My hairs quite long so I always have to buy two bottles which is always over £10 but with Superdrug the bottles are bigger and I found one bottle covered every strand and I only had to wait 15 mintues!

Washing the dye out I noticed my hair felt like straw so was a little worried how i could return it to its good condition (sometime s- even with top brands, the intense conditioner supplied isn't enough) but the balm that came with the dye is AMAZING!! I left it on for 2 minutes and washed it off and it felt like new hair!
When I dyed it light, regardless of what conditioner I had,  it was never be as soft and shiny as it once was so I couldnt believe the shine and softness achieved with this stuff. The best thing is it comes in a tube so is re-usable and I have about another 4 weeks of treatments left.

I am extremely impressed. The colour came out exactly as it was on the box, took only 15 minutes to fully develop and the conditioner transformed my dry, dull hair :D.


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  1. I've never used Superdrug but I'll definitely give it a go now! :) x


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