Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Do blondes have more fun?


Well just before my birthday I decided I wanted lighter hair so dyed it a really light brown with l'oreal lasting creme gloss. The only problem was it turned my hair Black! Random I know. I naturally have dark hair as you can see so I was a little disappointed. I complained to L'oreal who were brilliant and told me they would pay up to 80 pound to get it the way I wanted. Woooohhhoooo!!

I've always considered going Caramel but I knew it would A: Cost a lot and B: Really damage my hair stripping it, so when L'oreal said that I thought, just do it!!

So I did! And below is the results:


At first I loved it, but 4 weeks on? It just not the same as being a brunette. It's dry, makes me look a little washed out and I think Brunette suited me more! I think dark hair is sexier too!
My boyfriend is heart broken about this as he absolutely loves it, but I've never been a girl to do something for her boyfriend and it's me that has to walk around not feeling as confident. Luckily Superdrug has brilliant deals on hair dye and I'm going to have fun picking my next chocolate brown! :)

Anyway, my conclusion is.... Blonde's do NOT have more fun! I actually think us Brunettes do!


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