Friday, 13 May 2011

Superdrug Beautycard

Hello Hunnies,

How excited was I to get an email from Superdrug announcing that they have FINALLY decided to launch a reward card that allows us to earn points when we shop!! I am always in Superdrug so this is going to be life changing for me. okay, life changing maybe a bit enthusiastic but trust me. I spend an absolute fortune in Superdrug so this card has excited me to the max. I am a bit disappointed it has taken them so long to do it though.

I must admit I love my boots advantage card but I do shop in Superdrug more. I love the experience of Superdrug. They have more ranges, more affordable prices and more stuff! I also prefer the way Superdrug stores look, I guess more girlie is the way I would describe it.

(Pic taken from the Superdrug website.. well until I get my own one tomorrow)

Anyway, So here's how the Beautycard works:

You pick in up in store then register it online.. Then shop until your hearts content... Simples....


Like the Boots advantage card you present it at the till and they add the points on. :) You get 1 point for every £1 you spend and 100 points = £1 in store.

Unlike boots, you don't need to have the full amount of points to pay for a product. If you had say 300 points (£3) on your card and spent £5 on products you can use your Beautycard to pay the £3 and then make up the £2 difference. I much prefer this as there's no restrictions!

Currently there offering 10 points per £1 when you shop online and on top of just earning points the card allows you special offers and discounts! Yay! Don't we all love a good discount? I've heard through the grapevine there will be a Rimmel offer only for card holders and its rather tasty!

It looks better than other leading reward cards! Girlie and Pink and It even has a mirror on the back of the card. Handy for quick touch ups! So even if you may not use it often you still get a free mirror ;)


Its not as competitive as the boots 4 points per pound, so if you shop in Boots more often then you may not get much out of this card.

So yes, that's my thoughts on this beauty and I will be skipping all the way to my local Superdrug tomorrow morning!!

If you would like full details see the Superdrug site here.

What do you all prefer? Good old Boots advantage card or this idea?


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