Saturday, 14 May 2011

Proto-Col range

Hey Girlies,
I was sent some samples from Purple secret to try out there Proto-col skincare range. I was quite excited, as this range has collagen technology and we all know collagen is the stuff that stops our skin going wrinkly. I have to say before I give my opinion that the samples were extremely small.. 2ml to be precise, so for two of the products I can’t really give an in depth and maybe accurate review as I only got one use out of them and I think to notice a difference (like most products) you need to sample it for a bit longer.

Anyway here is what I was sent:
From left to right
1. Microdermabrasion with Diamonds and Pearls
2. Moisturising face gel
3. Collagen face mask

I first used the Microdermabrasion sachet so we'll start with that. The sachet says "This delicate Souffle will polish, renew and reveal an immediate improvement to the skin, leaving it silky smooth and supple"

The first thing I noticed was the texture. Its quite runny and the unlike a lot of brands the granules are so small it reminded me of salt/sugar. I must say it spreads very well and you don't need a lot (I still have a bit left)

The next thing was the smell, It doesn't smell very nice. It smells exactly of Aqueous cream (I even smelt the stuff to be sure ha-ha) The product has a pearlescent sheen to it so at least it looks pretty. Honestly though, once washed off I had a feel of my face and it was really smooth, soft and even so I wouldn't mind using this again. I agree with the polish statement as it did polish the skin and I did notice an immediate difference to the feel of my skin after.

Next in line was the Collegan facemask. They say "A potent anti-ageing formulation which smooths, nourishes and refines skin. This skin boosting formula helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles while restoring the skin’s natural moisture levels"

 This I was a bit surprised by as the texture is like a really thick night cream. It spreads really well and goes see through but due to the small amount I didn't have enough for a picture. Sorry guys. After a few minutes I noticed it hadn't gone hard or tight and was still cream like. I've never used a facemask like this before but I actually quite liked it. I left it on for 15 minutes which was advised on the sachet and then washed it off with Tepid water. After another inspection of my face it was really soft, although I'm not sure if this was because of this facemask or the exfoliator. Again, this product didn't smell very nice, still Aqueous creamy with a hint of wine? ha ha!

Lastly I used the Moisturising facial gel. They say "a revolution in moisturising to protect, nourish and firm whilst combining forces to combat dryness, plump the appearance of fine lines and smooth skin to promote a youthful appearance"
This list of ingredients is even more impressive. It contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E, over 20 amino acids, Seaweed and Hydrolysed silk. The smell reminded me of a Rose wine! *maybe I drink too much ha ha!*

The minute I put this on my face it reminded me of a Primer. Turns clear, thick consistency but dries incredibly quickly. It does leave the skin soft but in waking up this morning my skin feels dry. I don't think I'd use this again to be honest.

Apart from that I really liked the microdermabrasion scrub and the facemask was nice as it didn't go all hard and was easy to wash off. :)

So there you have it, the Proto-col range :) There are some disadvantages though:

1. The Smell, I love a product that works but smells good too. That may be my personal preference though.
2. The price. The scrub costs £10.95 for 20ml and £29.95 fro 60ml, The facemask costs £8.95 for 20ml and £39.95 for 50ml, and the facial gel is £8.95 for 20ml and £19.95 for 50ml.
I'm not sure I would be comfortable paying these prices for a brand I'm not very familiar with.
3. A new page opens for EVERTHING... On the homepage you click on the range and a new window opens, then a new window opens when you click on a product, then another window opens to buy it. Its a lot of hassle just to buy one thing and It would be much better if like most online shops it stays on the same page.

If you'd like to check this range out please visit the website Here or go to

Has anyone tried this range before? What did you think of it?


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