Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Shopping gone Mad!

Hello Hunnies,

This weekend i went shopping crazy... Like the kind of crazy you sooo lie to your parents/other half about! They just don't understand the need, but I know you all do so I thought I'd share my purchases safely with you. :)

(I apologise in advance for this post being sooooo long.. Like I said... Shopping CRAZY)

Shall we do the Primark Haul first?

Okay, well as you may know I'm off on holiday in just under 5 weeks so obviously I needed (more/new) summer stuff!

My new outfit
* Brown Lace cardi - £8
* White Cami - £1.50
*Elephant Necklace - £4
*Brown rope necklace - £3.50

Necklaces up close 
I absolutely adore this elephant necklace and its possibly my favourite purchase. The tusk is plain but the head has lots of brown crystals. It's a little bit blingy so I wouldn't wear anything else that sparkly whilst wearing it and I think I'll try and keep my other accessories to a minimum. I like the rope necklace as I think it compliments the outfit perfectly and keeps it laid back and casual. Perfect for hanging out in the park with the girls or a day trip on hols. :)

Necessary Accessories
* Bag - £10
*Bracelet stack - Sorry no price on it and I'm not a receipt kinda girl
*Sunglasses - £1.50

The bag was a little expensive considering its a primarni but I needed a white and brown bag so now I have one in both. Its really large, so perfect when I'm carrying Towels, Sun cream, and the world to the beach.

*Black stud bikini - £7
* Floral ruffle bikini - £7

Just because... A girl can never have enough bikinis!

Cheeky Jumpsuit
*Jumpsuit - £5

There was a lot more! I bought some snoopy vest top & short PJ's (that I'm currently wearing), Underwear, Gift bags, Plain Black sandals, wrapping paper etc.. I thought I'd save you from all the boring stuff.

Next: I then went on H&M online...BIG mistake... I ended up spending another fortune...
They haven't come yet so the pics are from H&M.


               £19.99                                      £7.99                                        


          £7.99                                                                                  £14.99

Lastly I bagged a serious bargain on QVC.. An Elemis 5 piece body summer set for £35. This should be arriving in the next few days so the minute I get it I'm going to tell you all about it in a seperate account! :D

Anyway, I think I've spent enough this month so I will be laying off my account ha ha!

Anyone else have an urge this month? Also has anyone used Elemis? If so what you think?



  1. love all the stuff you bought!
    and i love the whole outfit!

    god i am so jealous i was going to buy that leopard playsuit from H&M but it was sold out :/ , i actually just ordered a different one last night, i really hope it fits me because last time i bought a jumpsuit and it was so big on me lol i was going to return it but i couldn't, it was too late haha XD

  2. Hi!

    Ive been waiting 2 weeks now for my H&M delivery!! its so annoying, i want my clothes :(

    Nice blog :)


  3. @Nena: Thank you Hun! I know what you mean. It seems everything is sold out at the moment! I usually find that they re-stock every few days so keep checking :D.. Fingers crossed Sweetie.

    @Sammy: Hi sammie, Thanks for reading and I'm glad you like it! Please follow me as I've got loads of new posts lined up ;). 2 Weeks! OMG.. I do not like that at all! Thanks for telling me. I'll definately keep an eye on H&M. Lets face it £3.90 is enough for first class delivery! :(


  4. I know exactly! I won't be using the online service anymore, easier to go in the shop!! thx for the comment


    x x x x x

  5. *crossed fingers* :).
    hey i got a stylish blogger award and i was supposed to give it to 7 more people and i gave one to you :)
    you can check it out here on my blog - http://nenaath.blogspot.com/2011/06/stylish-blogger-award.html


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