Sunday, 5 February 2012

New CID I-Glow Review

Hey Girlies,

I've seen so much about the New CID cosmetics and recently bloggers have been raving about them so as you can imagine, I was extremely happy to get this beauty in the post. It retails at £22.50 but I managed to get my mitts on it for just £6 including 6 issues of Glamour magazine. (More info about this deal should you want it, is at the bottom of this post)

Say Hello to CID I-Glow in 'Ice Pop'

I've only had this product Two days but I'm completely in love with it! It's the perfect Pinky Peach and gives such a lovely natural glow. In all honesty I haven't owned a Marble type Blusher before but I am really converted now. The New CID I-Glow is a compact Shimmer Powder that has a dimension of different shades to it. There's White, Lilac, Pink, Peach and what looks like bits of Bronzer, so I think it would suit any skin tone. After a quick swirl of the blusher brush and application it gives my cheeks a lovely pinky peach flush and a subtle highlight on my cheekbones. It definitely is shimmery (hence calling it a Shimmer Powder) but in no way is it over bearing or too shiny once applied. I can't wait to take this on holiday with me in April as I know its going to look beautiful with a tan!

The only negative about this product is the chunky ugly packaging. It's a thick White clinical looking box which really doesn't go with how pretty and delicate the product itself is. For £22.50 I definitely would prefer packaging that makes a statement or at least looks nice on the outside too. Also, the packaging around the powder is a metallic Silver tin foil looking thing which I just don't get. It's like having an engagement ring presented in a box made of dried Mud?

Apart from that one moan I love, love, love this product. So much so, I ordered another 6 month Glamour subscription for £6 for a friend just so I could get a back up! ha-ha!

How to get 6 issues of Glamour and free goodies:
I used to work for a magazine subscription company and there are always deals on all the magazines. I use a site called Magazine Boutique which offers 6 issues of Glamour for £6 + a Free Gift. I've done this deal several times for both myself and as extra pressies for my Glamour reader friends. I've had free perfumes, Free Benefit cosmetics & Skincare stuff.
Basically most female magazines offer incentives to get you to sign up and the best subscription company for this is The subscription is a Direct Debit and after the introduction price it does roll on unless you cancel it. With Glamour Mag, after the 6 months for £6 it rolls over to £7 every 6 months. I normally do online banking so once I receive my first or second issue I just cancel it online. You still receive all 6 issues and your free gift ;) Woohoo! It's very cheeky but after my last issue I re-subscribe again and get another free gift and another 6 issues for £6.

Has anyone else tried the New CID I-glow range? Or anything from CID at all? If so, what did you think and is there a Gem I'm missing out on?



  1. Oh that is pretty! It reminds me of the mac MSFs a little <3

  2. I'm going to go for that subscription. Thanks for explaining about it. I'd love to try I-Glow by CID.

  3. It's lovely isnt it! I really love it. Because of the price tag i'm not sure i'd buy it again but i'd love to find a copy of this somewhere else. x


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