Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mini Superdrug Haul

Hello Ladies,

I had Monday off so decided to go and get my nails sorted out (I tried a DIY re-fil which was an Epic Fail) and then just "happened" to walk into a Superdrug! ha-ha.
I honestly was only going in there to pick my mum up some L'oreal Nutri sun, but then I saw a near 50% off my favourite Vitamin E skincare range and well..Ashamed as I should be, I couldn't help but slip the goodies into the basket. (The basket was habit I promise)

Here's what I bought

From Left to Right

♥Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleaner
♥ Vitamin E Day Cream
♥Vitamin E eyecream
♥ Rimmel Moisture Renew in Nude Delight

I own a Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and an Elemis one so NO I didnt need The Superdrug one but it was £2.99 and came with a muslin cloth! Who could say No? I use the Superdrug Vitamin E Day & Night cream religiously so why not add the same brand cleanser to my skin care regime?  Also a few weeks ago I noticed a few lines around my friends & I eyes (It was really bad light) so I have slowly started to introduce eye cream in to my regime. I'm only 23 but as they say, prevention is better than cure! And for £1.99 I wasn't going to turn this down! I'm currently using a small sanctuary one I got in a gift set for Christmas and its nearly all gone, so I might as well snap this one up at nearly half price right?

The Day Cream was just a stock up as I already have some, but in my defense I am running out and hey for nearly half price might as well buy it now. :)

My 4th Item was A new Lipstick. After seeing pictures of the Beautiful Kim Kardashian rocking a lovely Nude colour a few weeks ago, my search has been on. I finally found the closest match to the colour I was looking for In Rimmel's Moisture Renew in Nude Delight. Yay! What do you think?

Nude Delight on lips.. Please excuse that thing called a spot on my chin!

Anyway, although I was/am on a shopping ban and I am clearly in Denial (ha-ha) I am very happy with my purchases. Plus when you spend £5 on the products you got 50 free bonus points! Woohooo!

I will be using the cleanser for a week or two to give it a good test drive and let you know the Verdict.

If you're not familiar with the Superdrugs Vitamin E range, I did a review on the Day & Night cream, Please see here.



  1. that lipstick is such a pretty colour. is the hot cloth cleanser any good? Xx

  2. Aww Thank you! I love it!
    Yes The Cleanser is! I've only had it a week though but so far so good :D. It's alot cheaper than the brand ones but I like it. In a week or two more I should be able to give a more in depth review. xx


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