Thursday, 8 March 2012

GlossyBox - Feb & Complaint

Hey Dolls,

I am really late with this post but I really wanted to share my opinion of the last Glossybox as I really wasn't impressed.

I've stuck by Glossybox for 9 months, cancelling my Boudior Prive box and my Feel Unique box as I believed Glossybox gave me more. The past two months have been a bit of a disaster for me even though we've had that 'Special' Valentines Box

With the Valentines box, the only product I genuinely didn't mind was the Orly Polish but come on! I didn't pay £12.95 for 1 small nail polish. Anyway, to rub salt in my wound I saw other bloggers received Clarins products! They get Clarins and I get bloody shower gel. *Straight face*

Then I received this box.

Paul Mitchell Curl Optimiser
DuWop Venom Lipgloss
Liquid Soap
Peppermint Body Lotion (The worst thing my nostrils have ever encountered - Think foot cream peppermint)
Mineral Eyeshadow in a Pinky Gold colour
Now yeah, it's kinda ok but I was really not excited about anything in this box. Then yet again, Salt was added to the wound when I saw others received the Stick on Manicure nails but I received Liquid Soap.

This is when I put pen to paper (well emailed) Glossybox to type a small humorous complaint (please see below) Don't get me wrong, I completely understand they cater for so many different types of people and the products will vary but, If I receive another Body Wash I think I am going to scream.

Anyway, I emailed Glossybox who were lovely, and they are going to send me the nails as a 'Good will gesture' YAY!

I believe the best way to complain is to be nice, funny and non offensive. I promise you, Flattery will get you everywhere. Hope you like my compliant:

"Hey Glossybox team,

I've been an avid subscriber for 8 months now and have always loved my Glossybox but, the past few boxes I've been a little bit upset about :( I completely understand you cater for so many different women with different needs but I've hated nearly all of the products in the past two boxes.

What makes it even worse is I see bloggers who has received better boxes then me. Last month most girls got Clarins stuff (I LOVE Clarins stuff) but I got horrible Shower gel. :( Fear not though every ones different BUT, Then this month I got some horrible smelling liquid soap and loads of people got the Stick on manicure! You have no idea how jealous I was! I would have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the stick on manicure to test. I hate acrylic nails and am always on the hunt for good stick on nails *Sigh* It's not fair Glossybox.

Glossybox, are you trying to say I smell? I use Soap & Glory Clean on me so I can assure you I don't ha-ha!

I did fill out my Beauty Profile so you could get to know me better but you sent me Paul Mitchell Curl stuff. My hairs Straight so I have no use for this at all :(

I've had an idea.... If I sent back the unused Liquid Soap and the horrible Body Lotion could I swap them for the nails? PLLEEEEAASSEEEEEEE???

Glossybox team, I am willing to give you one last go but I just don't want anymore Body wash. It's becoming offensive now haha! Deal?

Thank you,


Ps. Happy Monday!"


  1. haha...i love the email you sent the glossybox team :) it is great that they will send you the nails! congrats!

    1. Hi Katrin, I know it was really lovely of them and i'm super chuffed! Glad you like my email, I think being rude is completely un called for and humour always makes someone want to help you. :) Xxx

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