Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New L'oreal Expertise hair range - EverStrong

Hi Dolls,

A few weeks ago I mentioned a Freebie I had seen from L'oreal offering a free bottle of their new Expertise Range (see here)

Well, I received mine today and L'oreal have been very generous! I received a 250ml Bottle of Shampoo and conditioner and couldn't wait to give these a go.

A letter was enclosed letting me know the products I have received are USA versions. The Formula is exactly the same but the packaging/text in the UK may differ.

L'oreal have apparently been developing this new range for years, and it consists of three formulas to suit three different hair requirements. The formulas are non-sulphate and botanical-oil based so promise to give your hair a thorough cleanse but in a more gentle way.
The collection features EverSleek for Course and Frizzy hair, EverPure for Coloured and Dry Hair and EverStrong for Fragile and Brittle Hair.

*Pic from L'oreal Site and I believe these pics are the UK version as they differ slightly from the ones I received*
I requested the EverStrong samples, as due to my affair with my GHD's I do worry about my hair getting dry and Brittle. EverStrong has been specifically designed for Fragile and Brittle Hair and the range combines a 'reinforcing system' which helps make the hair stronger.

Yes girls, we are worth it but is this new shampoo?
The first thing we all notice is the packaging and I must say how posh does this look? It does look like you would see them in a hair salon. The second thing is obviously the smell. Now i'm a girly girl and I adore sweet, feminine scents so I didn't think this would win points in this catergory as on the label Rosemary is the main fragrance. The Shampoo is Rosemary & Juniper and the Conditioner is Rosemary & Mint. I have to say the Rosemary is not at all overbearing and I didn't feel like I'd spent a day in a herb garden. Herby (hope thats a word) it is, but horrible? No. I'm actually quite suprised at how much I like this fragrance.

The first reaction stated, lets get on to the good stuff. Is this new shampoo worth it? It is currently being sold in Boots stores at £5.99 each for 250ml. Is this 'revolutionary' shampoo that's taken 7 years to produce good?

Three words - "I'm not sure."

I've been using this for two weeks now and wash my hair normally 3-4 times a week.

I can say that my hair is so shiny I have to boast and it's so soft. I have noticed that less has come out on my brush, which I would like to put down to the 'Reconstucting formula' but it could be that now it's not so cold my hair isn't getting as damaged?

I can say I do like this shampoo and would happily use it again but I haven't seen anything that Pantene Pro V can't do. It lathers amazingly well so you don't need as much which is always a good thing and I love the fact it doesnt contain Sulpher which most shampoos do.

I'll be using it for another week or two and see what happens then. If I see any changes then I will let you all know.

Has anyone else tried anything from this range? What did you think?



  1. I've tried this line, and I really enjoy it. I think its one of the better ranges from L'oreal! You should try the deep conditioner, its probably the best product within this line

  2. I think its very useful for my hair. i will try it.

  3. postingan yang bagus tentang"New L'oreal Expertise hair range - EverStrong "

  4. I am interested in trying these products since I am looking for hair care products that can help me with my problem. I used to have dry dull hair so I am looking for products that can revive its look. Hope these products can help...


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