Friday, 3 June 2011


Hey Dolls,

I was super excited this morning when I read Nena had given me a Stylish Blogger award! I am actually chuffed, as I never thought I'd get one of these <3 Thank you Hunny! <3

Apparently the rules are this, I must state 7 facts about myself and then give 7 fellow bloggers the award. This is tough as I read soooo many!

My 7 Facts:

* I am an only child.. I always wanted to have a sister but unfortunately my mum didn't feel the same! ha-ha

* I wanted to be an actress for most of my life and at the age of 14 actually wrote to Eastenders begging them for a role and gave them a storyline I could do. They wrote back advising Drama school and enclosed a signed pic of all the cast!..I went to College for Drama but then I hit 17 fell in love and kind of gave up.

*I am the biggest animal lover, I cry if I step on a snail and give monthly to WSPCA charity and sponsor a dog.

*My favourite thing to eat is Italian food, but Chinese does come a close 2nd.

* I can't drink Vodka... When I was 15 me and a group of friends thought it would be a good idea to raid our friends parents booze cupboard. We decided to take the bottles of Vodka and what a mistake that was. I drunk half a largeg bottle of straight vodka and was completely wrecked. There was a park where we all lived and I rolled down the hill for fun, Cut my butt with glass, cried as our guy friend wasnt moving and I thought he was dead and then passed out. As well as managing to leave my phone outside his house all night. We all had school the next day but I couldn't go as I was tooo hungover. Luckily I called my mum Sober and said I was staying at my friends house. Ever since that night the smell of Vodka makes me sick.

*I absolutely love reading. I read girlie novels mostly but I do love a good murder crime book too.

*Every Friday I convince myself i'm going to win the Euro Millions. I even have a list of what I would spend it on :)

7 Bloggers I feel deserve it:
I was going to give one to Nena but she already has one and not sure if you can do it twice?

1.  Naomi -
2. Siobhan -
3. Lily -
4. Hannah -
5. Lou -
6. Ellen -
7. Alexandra -

Enjoy my lovelies <3



  1. LOL! you are like me i can't even kill a fly, i once stepped on a bug and apologized to it XD

    i also love reading and i am always looking for more books to read,i especially love chic lit, my favorite books right now are the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich,The Trouble with valentines day by Rachel Gibson, on the road to Mr.Right by Belinda Jones and Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead
    what are your favorite books right now ?

    when i was thinking of who i should give the award to you and this girl Catalina were the first on my mind :) i really love your blog!

  2. Aww I Love Belinda Jones too. My favourite books are normally from Celia Ahearn and Marian Keyes. Love the storys. I actually did a post on books. I might have to check out Stephanie Plum books! See here:

    Well chuffed about the award so thank you hun!

  3. Congratulations on the award :)

  4. @Beth: Thank you hunny. I was so chuffed!


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