Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Graze Box

Hey Hunnies,

Well.. This a bit of an unusual post as its not beauty product related BUT, I had to tell you about my latest find!

I'm a huge eater and would eat all day is my waist didn't always expand ha-ha, so when I came across this little beauty I was very excited.

Let me introduce to you The Graze Box. If you love snacking or are looking to shed a few pounds without starvation then this is perfect for you! Its a customed box that is delivered Tuesdays & Thursdays (you can choose how many/little you want and when) and contains 4 snack pots filled with organic, healthy and tasty treats.

I signed up for my free box and it came today :D

Lets see some pics shall we?

How it comes

Inside ♥

As you can see there are four compartments that contain the little treats.

Extras that come with it

You get an information booklet about Graze and what they do, use and general well being tips, a booklet about whats in your box and the nutritional info e.g Calories, fat, salt etc and offers, a serviette (always handy) and I got a wooden toothpick which I presume is for my olives. Now I have to say that is pretty well thought out.

♥ My treats ♥


The great thing is, these snacks are picked by your own tastes so your always get things you like. They have a list of over 100 snacks and you can go through them rating them from 'send soon to Bin' just so they know what you want and what you don't. I handpicked these as some of my most wanted so I am so pleased they came.

Today I've managed to eat the Olives and the Herb garden cracker mix and the quality of the food is brilliant. There are so many flavours and knowing there all healthy and fresh made eating them all the more enjoyable.

♥ What to do to claim yours ♥

Sign up here and in the promotions box enter H4LGWNJL or 56YVBL537 and Ta-da your first box is free.

This is a subscription service so you will need to provide details, but its extremely easy to cancel. I got my free box and just cancelled my subscription so I wont receive anymore or be charged for anymore. Your 2nd box is half price so your also welcome to carry on with it or stop and start it depending on your needs. My whole office has been ordering them like crazy so they are a big hit here and I love mine.

The boxes originally cost £3.49 so after the free one and the 2nd half price you will start to be charged £3.49 so make sure if you do sign up you cancel them.

Let me know if you get one and what you thought?


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