Friday, 17 June 2011

Boots - no17 Free gift - 'Nail Bar in a Bag'

Hey Dolls,

*I must apologise in advance for the rush job - I'm on lunch from work and have to get a move on!ha ha  I'm busy all weekend so wont have a chance to do it then either*

I was wandering the Boots make-up isle on lunch when I came across this offer and knew I HAD to share it. I purchased two nail polishes (swatched after the promo) and got a free 'Nail bar in a bag.'

To qualify for the offer all you need to do is purchase any Two 17 products. Simples!

The Nail bar in a bag consists of Two Lasting Fix nail polishes, a nail file and cute heart nail stickers but i'll let the pics do the rest of the talking. :)

♥ The Two polishes I purchased and my free gift ♥
♥ The packaging ♥
 ♥ What you get ♥
♥ The Two colours ♥
Knockout Red & Pink Grapefruit
♥ The Two colours on (with 2 coats)
♥ The Nail Art Stickers ♥
♥ How the stickers look on ♥
The picture is my friends as I haven't had a chance to use them yet and the pink is the Pink Grapefruit after a few coats. How cute does that look?

I love the little bag the freebies come in and the fact they've wrapped the goodies in Pink tissue paper is a bonus. I'm such a sucker for cute packaging. The same colours are in every bag so you will recieve whats pictured :) I spent £6 on two nail polishes and waked away with 4 lasting fix polishes, a nail file and these adorable nail stickers.  

The only bad thing is the Nail polish is VERY thin so I would suggest at least 2 or 3 coats to get it looking decent. Regardless of that though, I think it's a fantastic offer so I urge you to go and get them while you can as the offer ends 10th July.

Like the look of the two I purchased? Heres a snap :)

Left to right
♥ Nightshade
♥ Orange Soda

Nightshade is basically Black and Orange Soda is a nice Orange/Coral colour which is perfect for summer! Again, I needed at least 2 coats of each as they are really thin esp Nightshade and you can still see your nail. But hey, they dry really quick and only cost £2.99.



  1. Oo I saw this today in boots and was curious as to what was in it aha
    If you like nail art you should try the marbling I did -its so easy!!

    Much Loves,

  2. I tried to have a go at marbling but it was an absolute disaster! ha-ha! I really want to try again! xxx


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