Saturday, 26 November 2011

Week In Pictures


I've had a really busy but brilliant week.. I went to my friends album Launch & met Olly Murs. Woohooo!

1♥  I went to see Twilight last Friday (the day it came out) and I couldn't hide my excitement! I was a little disappointed but all the same I loved it. I am completely in love with Jacob now! Yummm.
2♥  I had a lovely night with all my family to welcome my cousins baby properly
3♥ I tried out Glitter nail tips.
4♥ I went to my friends album launch in Bush Hall. You guys may know her as Charlene Soraia, the voice of the new Twinings commercial but I went to school with her and it was soooo exciting to see her do what she does best.
5♥ Another day in the office - Olly Murs showed up for an interview and I couldn't let him slip away without a quick Pic! He was soooooo lovely. We had a right good chat about Cuppa soup and being tired.

Hope you guys had a lovely week.


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