Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Maybelline Mascara

I must confess I have an fully fledged obsession with my Eyelashes.. The bigger the better I say!... I must admit I am very fortunate to have nice length eyelashes but I could not live without several coats of Mascara.
I have tried nearly every brand in mascara but I always seem to go back to Mabelline. I'm not sure what it is they have but, something in all maybelline mascaras works for me!
Trade secret? I do use two different mascaras at the same time but I get the best results this way. I normally use Colossal first then a coat of falsies. :)

<<<<< These are the results of Colossol and Falsies. (I have used a little liquid liner but please notice the length)

Maybelline Colossal

I absolutely love the brush on the Colossal as I find it's perfect for leaving eyelashes thick at the roots but seperated towards the end. The brush is very thick and wide and its dipenses the perfect amount of mascara to cover each lash without clumps.

Maybelline Falsies

The brush on this mascara is the first spoon brush I've seen, as you can see from the pic below it is curved and flatter than all the others. Dont let the shape fool you though, It seriously packs a punch. Instead of brushing the formula through the lashes it scoops it on and I must say is the best thing I've used to make my lashes longer in a short time. I usually use this after using the colossol or any other mascara however, It does the job fine on its own.. i'm just a little too obsessed haha!

I can 100% honestly say I would recommend a Maybelline mascara over any brand anyday!

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