Monday, 21 March 2011

My Bargain beauty buy!

Yesterday I was at my grandparents and thought i'd go for a cheeky look in poundland. The one next to them is HUGE! It used to be a sainsburys. Anyway I found a product I adore!

In the make-up section I found a 'Sally Hansen Lip Plumping treatment'

It comes in three colours, Clear, Light peach and Dark Pink. I choose the light peach as I like a lipgloss to have a little bit of something in it.

I own about twenty lipglosses and maybe even more, so thought even if it's crap I still have others.

But.. Its Brilliant!!

The gloss has a thick consistency but isn't sticky at all and has a little brush applicator which gives good coverage. Its not too small of a size either and the bonus feature? It also has a mirror on the side!!

With regards to the 'plumping' I honestly didnt see a huge difference but for £1 I dont care.

I am sooo stocking up on a few more of these beautys!

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