Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My 3 Favourite Authors

I have to say I absolutely love reading thought I would share with you my three favourite authors!
1. Sophie Kinsella
I fell in love with the Shopaholic books from the get go. I think every woman can relate to Becky and I love the humour. These books literately had me laughing out loud on the bus. Maybe hence why I own them all! But, its not just the Shopaholic books of hers I love. She also released 'Can You Keep a Secret, Domestic Goddess' and the heart pulling 'Twenties Girl'. More recently though she has released books she wrote before the shopaholic sensation under her real name Madelene Wickham! For those of you that aren't aware of these books they are called:

*Sleeping arrangements
*Cocktails For Three
*The Wedding Girl
*The Gatecrasher
*Swimming Pool Sunday
*A Desirable Residence
*The Tennis Party

I've just finished reading 'Sleeping arrangements' and I loved it. Its about 2 families who end up in the same Spanish Villa together by 'accident.' The only thing is, Two of  these 'strangers' have a history and things could get a little messy.. I really recommend this book and I cannot wait to get started on the rest.

2. Celia Ahearn
After reading 'PS I love you' I was hooked. Theres something about the stories that really draw you in and makes you need to know what happens. It's like she keeps an air of mystery throughout and you just cant help but need to know more. One of my favourites is 'Thanks for the Memories'. Please see blurb.
"Joyce Conway remembers things she shouldn’t. She knows about tiny cobbled streets in Paris, which she has never visited. And every night she dreams about an unknown little girl with blonde hair.
Justin Hitchcock is divorced, lonely and restless. He arrives in Dublin to give a lecture on art and meets an attractive doctor, who persuades him to donate blood. It’s the first thing to come straight from his heart in a long time.
When Joyce leaves hospital after a terrible accident, with her life and her marriage in pieces, she moves back in with her elderly father. All the while, a strong sense of déjà vu is overwhelming her and she can’t figure out why.."
I absolutely loved this book... I could not for the love of me out it down.. It may have been a fictional story but Celia makes sure you connect with the characters so it's just sooooo hard to stop reading!

My other favourite is 'Where Rainbows End'. I loved this story, Its one of those where you try and read as quick as you can so you can get to the end! Its about two best friends (different sexes) who face a tough time deciding whether to take a gamble on the friendship and to turn it into something more.

Celia Ahearn really pushes the boundaries by not sticking to whats normal or real and thats why I love them so much. I really cant wait to get stuck into reading her newest book 'The Book of Tomorrow'

3. Marian Keyes
Only in the last two years have I discovered the beauty of Marian Keyes. The first time I read a book from her I knew she'd make my top 3. I first started by reading a book called 'The Other side of the Story'.  Please see blurb

"Jojo Harvey is a literary agent whose star is on the rise. In love with both her married boss and her burgeoning career, not much distracts her. Until she finds herself representing two women who used to be best friends. One of them, Gemma, has suddenly found herself from a broken home - at the age of thirty-two. Meanwhile, Lily - the woman Gemma has always blamed for stealing her one chance of happiness - is enjoying the overnight success of her debut novel. Set in the world of publishing, 'The Other Side of the Story' is about love, loyalty, glass ceilings and survival tactics - and what to do when you get your chance for revenge."
Its a classic story about female friendships and how things can get completely twisted. Us women are a hard bunch to please haha!

The second book of hers I read was 'This Charming Man'
This book is brilliant! It focus's on a serial dater called Paddy de Courcy and the women he has hurt throughout his time. Will they get a chance to get revenge? 'Four very different women. One awfully charming man. And the dark secret that binds them all …'

I can assure you that any book by any of these 3 authors will be extremely enjoyable. My amazing boyfriend and I are planning to go on holiday this year, so I cannot wait to stock up on a few books by these guys to enjoy on the beach!


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