Thursday, 11 August 2011

Last Week in Pictures ♥


Regardless of this strange yet hot weather, last week was quite fun so thought I'd share some goings on with you. I had a cupcake fest, a go at "Owling" and decided to update my room with a little wall art.
Ps. I must apologise to Tara for using the below pic but I LOVE it!


1♥ Hanging out with the Girls..Nothing like a good old gossip in our local Harvester
2♥ Our boss bought us cupcakes after a stressful day... Yummy!
3♥ My Magazine splurge.. I love Tuesdays!
4♥ After a few drinks we thought we'd do a bit of "Owling." The shame!!
5♥ My hubby n my love struck pooch. He doesn't even feed her but she still loves him more :(
6♥ Saw this wall sticker on Ebay and knew I had to have it. They had hundreds and you can pick any colour! I love this saying as its very fitting to me, I really do have the tendency to do the most ridiculous things!

Hope you all had a good week!


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