Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Charles Worthington Straightening treatment: Week 3

Hey My Lovelies,

Another week passed and my hair has officially gone back to normal.
When I straighten it, admittedly it does last longer than usual but the kinks are back. I have also been noticing a funny smell to my hair. It smells like it hasn't been washed for about a week even just after washing it. It's been like this since I used the product so I can't see what else could be causing this :(

♥ Overview ♥

♥ Does leave hair straighter and less frizzy
♥ Doesn't dry hair out
♥ Takes me half the time to straighten

♥ Price: I wouldn't pay £20 for something that only lasts a week or two
♥ The Smell is indescribably BAD
♥ My hair has a funny smell ever since.. hmmmmmm...
♥ It hasn't lasted very long. It doesn't claim to make it perfectly straight and it does tell you it only lasts *up to 40 days depending on hair type but I'm just a little disappointed it hasn't lasted longer. It claims an at home Salon Straightening Treatment but in the salon they perm it straight and the effects are perfectly straight hair for weeks. This unfortunately does not cut it.

At the end of my tests I can report I wouldn't buy/use this again. I don't mind spending a few extra mins straighening my hair and saving £20.



  1. Thank you that was very insightful, i dont think i will be buying it now, but i did like the "omg i must buy this now" buzz haha. You have saved me from having Whiffy hair, for that i thank you, lol :)

  2. Hello Doll, Aww thank you for your comment. I'm really glad this review has helped. The things us bloggers have to do for the better haha! ps. Hair still a little smelly but it's now gettin better woohoo! xxx


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