Saturday, 29 October 2011

MAC Lippies

Hey Girlies,

I purchased my first Mac lipsticks last week. eeekkk..

I was a Lipstick virgin until my experiment a few months ago with the L'oreal Riche lipstick. Since that I've decided its defo for me :) (see post about this here)

Luckily my Auntie works for MAC so I put in an order for Snob and St Germain (Half price helps doesn't it). I love bright pinks so thought I might as well go for these two. I've seen there huge hits among bloggers and they can't all be wrong can they?

Anyway, Shall we see some pictures?

 Left to Right - St Germain & Snob
Top to Bottom - St Germain & Snob
 As you can see St Germain is really bright, but when at work I wear a lot of Black so I like the fact it's so vibrant and brightens up an outfit. Snob is a light pink with a mix of purple in it. It's not as bright as St Germain but still adds a nice touch of colour.

I absolutely Love these lipsticks but my only criticism is they are not very moisturising. In fact they make my lips quite dry so I make sure I put a little bit of lipbalm on before applying.

What colours do you guys swear by? And does any find Mac Lippies dry their lips out?



  1. I love Saint Germanin! Never tried snob it looks like a really pretty colour though :) x

  2. Hey Hun, Snob is Lovely :) really nice pink with hint of Purple. Do you find they dry your lips out? x

  3. This is lovely! I'd like to next time see a picture of you wearing it :)

  4. @Tina: Thank you hun! Will do a pic soon ;) Was having a lazy day and looked terrible. haha!

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I really love the post, the Snob colour looks great, I must try it out!

  6. @Penny: Snob is a lovely colour. Still pops but not in a 'look at me' kind of way. xxx


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