Friday, 28 October 2011

Sleek Storm palette ♥

Hi Dolls,

Wandering aimlessly around on lunch, I accidentally ended up in Superdrug! How does that happen?

Anyway, seeing as I was already there I decided to have a look at the Sleek goodies. My eyes wandered along all the rows however, one thing stuck out. The Storm Palette. I have never bought a Sleek eyeshadow palette but it was love at first sight and after a play around with the tester I knew it had to be mine. Plus, at £6.50 it would be rude not too right?

I took it back to my desk had another peek at this beauty and have played with it ever since. I've worn it  everyday in the three weeks I've had it and still get excited about opening it up to apply it.

Peek Inside

Ps. I have named the colours myself as I couldn't find the official names.
Top Row - Warm Gold (shimmer) Cool Champagne (shimmer) Caramel (Matte) Metallic Gold (Shimmer) Pale Pink (Shimmer) Copper (Shimmer)

The Matte Caramel Colour doesn't come out so well and is rather patchy. I'm not a matte shadow kind of girl so this doesn't bother me personally.

Bottom Row - Dark Bronze (Shimmer) Deep Blue (Shimmer) Forest Green (Shimmer) Midnight Blue (Shimmer) Chocolate (Matte) Black (Matte)

I love the range of shades in this palette, they are very me. I tend to go for more earthy tones such as golds, greens and browns so this will come in VERY handy! The bottom row really compliments the top as you can mix them together and create new shades or do a two toned effect. I use the first Gold from the top all over my eyelids and then the first brown from the bottom on the outer areas. I have even used the Forest Green as an eyeliner.

What do you guys think of this palette?


  1. i have been meaning to try this palette out for a while now, the free delivery on Superdrug online is tempting me! My nearest superdrug doesn't stock Sleek :(
    i recommend the Heaven & Earth Palette by MUA (also in Superdrug), its only £4! i have a review of it coming soon:)

    Holly x

  2. Hi Holly,
    It doesn't stock Sleek? :o That is a serious Crime! This palette is amazing. I love how shimmery and Pigmented it is! I've just had a nose at it online and i'm very tempted. Free Delivery and 10 points per £1! Hmmm, Shall we do it? xx


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