Saturday, 1 October 2011

Shopping Gone Mad ♥

Hello Chickas!

I hope you're all enjoying the weather.

Okay I was supposed to be on a spending ban but I only spent £46 and got some great stuff. What? It's rude not too ;)

It's been beautiful weather and what better way celebrate a summers day then with a spot of shopping? :)

I had to take my car to the Mechanics at 9am for it's MOT and it just so happened the garage is a two minute walk to Croydon town centre. How convenient :D

Primark on a Saturday is Hell on earth but at 9.15am it was all tidy and empty so the shopping commenced and guess what? They had a huge footwear sale! £3 for Heels? YES PLEASE!

Left to Right
Mink Suede Cork Heels - £3
Brown Sandal Heels - £3
Dark Brown Heels - £3
Black Suede Wedges - £16

Four pairs of shoes for £25 and Three of them were £3!! On top of that they were all my size (size 5, like the most popular shoe size) If only you had been there, I looked like such a dodgy character. Eyes darting across the shop floor, jaw wide open and an astonished look on my face. Well as you can imagine my hands grabbed these bad boys and they went straight into the safety net of my basket.

Once I had realised the shoes were safe and the basket would not be leaving my arm, I had a browse around for other goodies.

♥ Other Goodies ♥
Left to Right
♥ Foundation - £2 (on sale) I only bought this for the brush but as it turns out its a really velvety mixture that will be a good base
♥ French Tip Nails - £1
♥ Bow Tights - £3 I love these tights. I'm going to wear them with my LBD and my new black wedges on our anniversary dinner.

So after Primark I had a little nose around for some other bargains and found these :)


Hope your all having a lovely weekend!

Any other Bargains I'm missing out on?


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