Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Week In Pictures

Hello Hunnies,

I have been so S**t at blogging recently. There's just been so much going on and I haven't had the head space to concentrate on Blogging. Tut Tut Naughty Girl.

Anyway, I'm Baaccccccckkkkk and thought I'd show you a few of the things i've been getting up too.

1 ♥ My Cousin had his baby. Welcome Little Jack to the world. :)
2 ♥ I am obsessed with Oreas at the moment & getting sent these was a welcome treat!
3 ♥ Again, My dog hogs the bed and leaves little space for my Bum. would get quite irritated if she wasn't so cute, *sigh
4 ♥ My School Friend Charlene Soraia is celebrating after the success of the new Twinings advert and this article. She is soooo unbelieveabley talented it makes me sick! ha-ha! If you haven't seen the new twinings advert see it here & see her full version here. So proud of this girl.
5&6 ♥ I was Officially made a Godparent!! It was my best friends Little boy's Christening Yesterday and it was a lovely day
7 ♥ Brixton High St was Packed after the Victorai line was closed. Hundreds of people at the bus stops made getting a bus a Nightmare. Luckily I got on a stop before the tube because I'm a jammy dodger. This pic reminds me of why I hate the Tube.

See, I genuinely was a busy girl ;)


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