Sunday, 2 October 2011

Charles Worthington Straightening Treatment: Two weeks on

Hey Dolls,

As promised, This is my two week update to let you know how my hair is getting on after using the new Charles Worthington At Home Straightening Treatment.

If your not familiar with the treatment or what I'm going on about please see my original post Here and my week one update Here

Well, as I told you in the week 1 update my hair started to loose it's straightness. I washed it and let it dry naturally and although it's not as straight as it first was, it's still better than it normally is. I did give in and straighten it with my GHD's and it only took a few minutes and lasted 3 days despite being poured on by heavy rain, so although I wasn't impressed last week I've had a small change of heart this week. Maybe straightening it makes it work again. Hmmmmm.

Lets see how this week goes shall we?


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